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The South Beach Diet Review

Updated on February 25, 2016

The South Beach Diet

There are many different diet plans out there today that a person can choose from. One that is very popular is known as the South Beach diet. Many well known celebrities claim they use it to stay looking their very best. It does take some discipline to do well with this particular diet though.

The South Beach diet is deemed to be one of the most nutritious low carb diets out there. Some individuals have said it is much easier to stick with than Atkins diet plan which is more restrictive about the consumption of carbs. The fact that a person can get lots of the vitamins and nutrients they need with this particular diet is important. Some individuals have started using the South Beach diet as much more than just a way to lose weight.

They have made the necessary changes so that it is now a lifestyle change for them. They are able to maintain their current weight and they are very happy about it. In addition they feel they have more energy than before as well as their overall mood has improved since they reduced various foods from their diet. It consists of three phases and you must stick to each one if you want to get the results from it. Some individuals feel very restricted while on the South Beach diet so they don't stick with it for very long. Others though are able to follow it without any problems though so it depends on your eating habits and self control.

Some people will tell you they lost a great deal of weight with the South Beach diet and felt great. Other people will tell you they followed it to the T and they barely lost any weight at all. This is simply because this particular diet isn't right for everyone. You will have to pay attention to how your own body responds to it.

You will have to carefully select your foods as well for each phase of the South Beach diet. This can be difficult if you haven't planned ahead. Make sure you are aware of what foods you can eat and those you can't.

Then you can plan your menus for home and work around them. You will be more successful with sticking to the diet plan if you do so.Many retailers now carry pre-packaged South Beach diet meals and snacks since it is so popular. These can be very handy when you are in a rush. You can store some of the snacks in your office and even in your car so they are always accessible.

However, these pre-packaged foods can be extremely expensive so it will depend on how much money you can allocate for the food.Many people have successfully lost weight with the South Beach diet. As with any diet plan you should consult with your doctor before you move forward with it. This may be the plan you have been looking for in order to get rid of unwanted fat and pounds for good.

Should you decide to follow the South Beach diet, make sure you carefully follow all of the guidelines so you aren't wasting your time. For the best results, you need to combine the South Beach diet plan with regular exercise. At least 30 minutes per day is what you should be getting. For those who feel they don't have much energy, that should change after a few days on the diet. Use that additional energy you have to exercise so you can maximize your weight loss efforts. Look for exercises that you enjoy and will burn lots of fat at the same time.

Dr. Agatston, inventor of the famous South Beach Diet and national bestselling author


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