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The Spark Of Inspiration; Call It Thoughts

Updated on March 20, 2015

Thought Therapy

Are there times during your busy day when you need to stop and permit your thought processes to take over?

Do some of you find the time to meditate?

As a writer did you discover that thoughts inspired your writing, whether it be online or in a personal journal?

Think About Thoughts

Think about thoughts and what thoughts do for us. Thoughts shape our motivations and plans for our life, our family's life, how we run a business, perform at work and the list of actions that a person or people can do with their capacity to think. Thoughts are essential in one's individual life and the group's lives as well. The ability to think is important. It helps us to problem solve. Writing about thoughts, the author discovers, appears as if the subject matter is quite diverse and has the qualities of being thought provoking.

Thought Provoking: Even that phrase opens up the debate on thinking and how it is so essential in the collective of the human being's culture and countries. Think of the subject entitled Philosophy: Philosophy is an interesting subject to follow. From the great philosophers in history to the philosophies of religion, thoughts play the leading role in forming our minds and culture.

Individualism and thoughts walk hand in hand in our daily lives. More shall be written about this.

The Spark That Inspires

Miracle_Cropped_Janie | Source

The Flash That Inspires

The Flash of Light Sparks the Individual's inspiration. Symbolically phrasing thought and motivation illustrates a particular opinion, theory or fact. Libraries are filled with thought as is the internet. The internet can be considered a storage bin of thought that can either be positive, negative or a combination of both. It all depends on what the person is seeking. What are you seeking? It depends on what you are thinking. Feelings can also be included in this discussion, because the author realizes that the readers will raise the point of view that feelings contribute to thinking. The subject of thoughts is indeed a broad topic!

Share Your Thoughts

Thoughts: In your opinion do you feel that you have control over your thoughts, be they positive or negative?

See results

Waters Of Relaxation

MC_Water_Trickling | Source

Control Over Thoughts

In our lives thoughts are the key to opening the doors to our inner selves. Opening this door to the inner self is not always easy for everyone, let alone taking control of random thoughts. Many clinicians nowadays practice Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which is considered short term in some cases. Freudian therapy and other therapies based on Freud's methods open the self up considerably. Some writers and I feel I cannot speak for all, might use introspection to create stories, whether they are fictional or nonfictional. I feel introspection inspires this author to create fiction from the right side of my brain.

Control over negative thoughts requires the practice of self discipline and commitment. Some folks practice deep breathing exercises while others take the time and meditate. Others will analyze those uncomfortable thoughts with their reasoning capabilities. Either way whatever practice works for you is the one to follow. All three can work well in one's life also.

Focused Attention

Topsy_Tail_Janie | Source

Focus Is The Factor

Focus is the factor is the phrase that has truth implanted in its characters. Focus is an important player in the thought process. Focus takes practice to master, so it needs to be implemented in one's life. Focus is needed when writing about pertinent topics on the world wide internet as well as in book or magazine form. Pay attention to detail when writing, because detail is pertinent to the composition. Thought may be free flowing yet it can be controlled just enough to funnel out sentences that enhance the subject matter.

Reflect On Thought Images

Spec_Effect_Ghostly | Source

To Add It All Up

To add it all up equals the sum of what is required and implemented in thought. Opinions may vary in what it takes to attain this goal. In my personal experience I have found and shared with all the readers my philosophy and methods of dealing with thought; including my theory concerning it.

Thoughts are fleeing specters with their ghostly translucent shrouds flapping in the breeze. They come and they go. When they stay for just a short while, their stories linger, illustrating portraits we call memories.


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    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile image

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 3 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      Thank you for your commentary in regards to my hub.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 3 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      Very interesting topic on thoughts and inspirations. Thoughts can occur to all. But focusing on them, weaving them and controlling them is all that matters. Avoid negative thoughts and spin positive ones and use them creatively- that should be our aim.