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The Spicy FIFA cup

Updated on June 6, 2014

The Spicy FIFA Cup

Volume 6, Issue 15, June 6, 2014

As we rapidly approach the day of the FIFA World cup, my mind wanders to the Brazilian flag and how it places or represents the FIFA World cup. For those of you who do not have an inkling of what I am talking about it is the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) or better known as the World Cup Soccer Tournament. This association was founded in 1904 in Europe or Zurich and it has 209 member associations, it has 32 groups around the world that form Groups A to Group H of soccer teams that meet for the FIFA event.

The FIFA world cup elite of soccer players who are now very well associated with the Brazilian World Cup hosts. As a matter of fact, Brazil is hosting this event once again and the fire, dance, and spice of the Brazilian culture is penetrating the night air as it approaches and the soccer athletes are ready to perform.

As the spices blend and mix in the exotic dishes of the South American Country, so do the people, the entertainment, the entire Brazilian and Amazonian culture is alive and vibrant with anticipation of the FIFA World Cup Event.

FIFA is an outstanding organization and one of the first for me to have seen that publicly state they are against racism and are publicly acknowledging that racism is a disgrace and so is discrimination. This organization sends a powerful message to the World that discrimination and racism are not tolerated. It lends credence to the fact they are an international company or organization with high ethical values and fair play values at the helm.

The ambitions of the FIFA organization are impressive, as well as the ambitious creation of villages and assistance to the people in less fortunate situations that includes; “The Caju Project” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The list of impressionable social responsibilities events not limited to the cultural events and educational activities are only a small part of the social inclusion to the world that the FIFA organization offers its public.

The Brazilian coast and region takes on special culinary feasts and delights, especially for the festivals that occur before, during, and after the FIFA World Cup Event.

Some of the spices that are gathered to perform and engage the world for a culinary delight are Allspice, Clove, Espinheira Santa, Maidenhair Fern, Heel Spurs, and Sangre De Drago.

Spices engaged in the most flavorful recipes on earth include a mosaic of cultures Brazilian, Peruvian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Spicy Jamaican. The flavors on the most nutrient rich nation on earth are here to tantalize and tempt the palette of the world when the FIFA games begin. Tacos, crab cakes, and authentic gourmet dishes are cooked to perfection to welcome guests from around the world.


Also known as Jamaica Pepper and Myrtle Pepper is an a plant that grows up to forty feet in height, with large fan like leafs and a small floral bloom of white flowers. It also bears a fruit after three years of being planted, that are brown berries. The culinary spice is very common and is dried and sold in packets and also mixed with other spices like a fusion of other flavors to enhance the flavor.

The engagement and use of this spice in medicine to aide in patients with hysterical paroxysms, digestion issues, flatulence, and colic.


Is a plant that has a distinct orange and yellow floral that transforms into a green or purple color. This plant and fruit has been used since the ancient world of the Incan empire and is was also used in the Asian dynasty.

Some of the medicinal engagement and uses are toothache, dental decay, nausea, intestinal issues diarrhea, hernia, fungal infections, diseases, viral infections, malaria, cholera, and treatment of parasites.

Espinheira Santa

This plant is also known as Cancerosa, Limaosinho, and Maytenus. It grows like a shrub like tree up to five meters in height and is commonly grown in the southern regions of Brazil. The leafs are medium wide with small white floral blooms akin to holly. Amazinly this plant has more than 200 plant species native to the Amazonian region.

The medicinal engagement and uses include gastritis, indigestion, rashes, wounds, skin cancer, anemia, constipation, liver ailments, cancer, asthma, infections and back pain. The primary areas of bodily responses or reactions are in the adrenal, stomach, and immune system functions.

Maidenhair Fern

This plant is also known as rock Fern and Venus- hair Fern because of its clover like beauty and delicate nature.

Medicinal engagement of the plant include hair loss, coughs, pleurisy, respiratory problems, bronchitis, dandruff, alcoholism, detoxification purposes, gallstones, heartburn, and headaches.

Sangre de Drago

This plant is also known as Drago, Dragon’s Blood and Sangue de Drago. Sounds like a movie out of Dracula’s time (scary). Although I love Dracula movies. Anyway this plant or tree that grows between 10 to 30 meters in height is always leaking its valuable sap that is why it is called, “Sangre” or “blood.”

The medicinal uses and engagement of this tree are numerous and it helps to heal wounds, hemmoroids, fractures, skin disorders, bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. It also aids in curing leukemia, stomach cancer, influenza, pain, itching, eczema, insect bites, diarrhea, yeast infections, and fevers.


Retrieved from the Internet (free dictionary online)

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