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The Spiritual Power of Distraction!

Updated on July 29, 2017
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Illura is lineage holder to the ancient Healing art 'Tayshara', Tayshara is a way of healing dis-ease by reviving, your Universal Self.

As you walk the path of Spiritual ascension, a major part of that work is in seeing reality ‘as it is’. As your awareness becomes more familiar with observing reality ‘as it is’ - the blinkers that were once put in place by you to obscure you from seeing clearly - begin to dissolve naturally, revealing the nature of suffering…in all things!

This path is known as the practice of ‘dharma’ and although it’s purpose is to liberate you from the shackles of attachments that cause you to suffer - in order for you to transform in this way - you must enter the process of observing reality and the grittiness of everyday life that has been there… the whole time!

Choosing to wake up and see the true face of reality causes you to feel. This renewed ability to feel is a sign that you are indeed waking up from the slumber so many of us have entered, and that some of us are now choosing to wake up from.

The fact is many of us return from a full day’s work and just want to crash out in front of the t.v. This is a form of distraction.

You see the courage it takes to work a 9-5 job, or what is fast becoming longer hours, requires some distraction in order to endure this life choice. The same goes for those that are paving a different life path.

Simply put - distraction is a form of rest.

If you are entering fully into battle with your own demons during every meditation, if you are fully immersing yourself in exploring the full capacity and potential of your yogic practice, if you are training to refine your awareness in a specific way - you need distraction…you need rest in order to sustain yourself.

It is true that there is a balance point that enables us to experience the benefits of distraction and getting the balance wrong causes us to fall into the trap that so many of us at this time have been seduced by.

This trap is [whether consciously or unconsciously] that many of us end up heavily distracting ourselves from reality as a way to deal with life’s inevitable suffering

We wind up forgetting or weakening our Spiritual purpose and potential. We get transfixed by our smart phones and other devices, we work too much, drink too much, get absorbed by pornography, distracted by friends, food and family, even breeding can become its own distraction for some…the choices really are endless!

Unfortunately many of these distractions create even more suffering and thus this articles soft center emerges!

In order to find the right balance point we must first understand the purpose of distraction:

  • distraction = rest.

We then need to understand that finding a point of balance within any aspect of life requires us to work within a reality that is far from static. So in order to experience beneficial levels of distraction we must:

  • be conscious of the fact that reality is an ever changing experience.

This requires us to be:

  • flexible in our approach so that continual observation, coordination and readjusting can create a distraction that causes us to rest and keep our inertia moving in an ascending direction, rather than rest and keep our inertia moving in a descending direction!

So my valued reader, what ‘good enough’ distraction do you use to soften you through the grittiness of your unique Life?

And how do you know when you have moved into a place of distraction that no longer serves you and your Spiritual path?

I would love to hear your reflections on this topic, as I am sure others would – helping us to better work with this necessary aspect of life!


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