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Arising From a Joyless Life

Updated on November 25, 2017

Fear will steal your joy, kill your ambitions and destroy your vision for life. For years, the spirit of fear gripped my life with an iron clutch. Avoidance was my greatest ally when it came to facing up to challenges that needed addressing. Every aspect of my life was at the mercy of my fears, including my relationships, my joy performance, and my character and maturity. Opportunities in every category of life passed by me like a lifeboat in swift running water. I was about to go under when I realized there was a lifeline of hope waiting to be activated within me: the spirit of Joy.

Joyless Life

A life without joy is life filled with fear and torment. Billions of people walk around in fear of being wronged in some way or another. They fear conditions, circumstances and people. They invest all their lives in an attempt to avoid loneliness, shame and embarrassment, abandonment, financial hardship, unhappy relationships, suffering and loss. However, without the hope of joy in our lives, we are as good as dead.


The Power of Joy

Joy is power. It’s just not a feeling that comes and goes with good happenings and event within our lives. Joy is a gift from God to conquer every negative condition, activity or corrupt communication that comes against us on the spiritual journey. Mankind was created for the joy of the Lord. Joy is our birthright. Joy is our weapon against the kingdom of darkness. Without the hope of joy in our lives, we are as good as dead.

When we walk in joy our entire nature is set ablaze. Our soul over floods with newness, our spirit explodes with contagiousness, and our hope in the glory of God is beyond imagination. Our belly becomes so full with joy that we can hardly contain it. We want to tell others about it without hesitation. A soul full of heavenly joy prohibits the spirit of fear from gripping our hearts and thwarts its dominance in our lives forever.


A joyful spirit will not only destroy fear in our lives, it will bring health to every aspect of our body, including our skin, our internal organs and our bones. People have been healed from all kinds of sicknesses and diseases because of their determination to rejoice in times of physical adversity and hardship. Instead of given into the bad reports of the doctors, they remembered and rejoiced the superior promises that God stated in His word. Because they believed God, their expression and appearance were beautified by the joy of the Lord. This unbelievable joy was their strength, power and medicine in the time of need.

Rating Your Joyfulness

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Recognizing the Seeds of Joy

In the fear of every negative condition, encounter, adversity and challenge is a seed of joy waiting to be birth fourth. When we face our fears our joy increases. Every fear we face holds the gift of joy and gladness. Fear holds our joy hostage. Millions of people believe that fear is alright, but God never created man with fear. Adam feared nothing before his fall in Eden. Yet today man fear mice, snakes, rejection, ridicule, what’s around the next corner, and what tomorrow holds for his life. However, God did not intend for fear to replace joy. He created joy to replace fear.


No wonder the word of God, according to the biblical book of James, tells us to “count it all Joy when we go through trials and tribulations…” God is created something within us that is far more superior to what we are going experience at the moment.

Searching for Undiscovered Joy

But if we are to replace fear with joy, we must intentionally come to appreciate the undiscovered joy that life’s negatives contain. We must identify and examine ever fear in our lives. We must brainstorm how and why it formed and do something about it. The knowledge of our fears is only the first step. The most important step is when we decide that we no longer want fear to rob us of our brief lives upon this earth. We must realize that out of every adverse condition, great joy can be produced, especially when we change our perspective of what joy is and what joy does.

Therefore, when we go into the workplace, we must not fear our boss or losing our job. Instead, we must thank God for giving us our job and allowing us to keep it.

When we have to talk to our children about some critical issues in their lives, we must first thank God for them as a gift from Him. Then we must let God guide our conversation as well as leave the consequences up to Him.

When the doctor tells us that they have discovered an incurable disease either within us or our loved ones, we must be thankful unto God and believe in His power to make a glorious difference in our lives so that other can see His goodness expressed within us.

When others are afraid to venture outside in the community due to fear, uncertainty and violence, we go out and come in with praise and thanksgiving. We must be thankful that the God within us is greater than the conditions that are operating in the world.

Bringing Joy to Its Fullness


In other words, for joy to become full bloom within our lives, we must be thankful in all things, whether these things or good or bad. The most splendorous moment arrives when your life becomes an expression of joy. When we praise God in all conditions and circumstances within our lives, God moves in mysterious ways to birth fourth the incredible gifts of joy, life and abundance. Obtaining a life of victory means conquering our fears with joy.

If your life is filled with fear, you must decide that you no longer want to be defeated or be a victim of lack and limitation. Here and now you must change your perspective regarding the fear that holds you in bondage. You must challenge them with praise and thanksgiving. Every time you fear, begin to thank God for His power and greatness in the earth. Thank God for the strength and power that He is bringing forth within you. In fact, whenever a fear is triggered within our lives, we should rejoice because joy is on the other side. If you do this, you will be amazed at the things God will do in your life.

When we intentionally activate joy by being thankful in all things, God transforms the negatives into something dynamically divine and our lives are never the same again. We ascend to a new dimension of life designed by walking and living in the joy of the Lord. Whoever walks in this great dimension will forever laugh in the face of fear.


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    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      My middle name is Joy and joy in the Lord is the most wonderful thing.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I've lived most of my life cowering under the blanket of fear. It has only been just recently that I have let God's joy take completely over and filly my life to overflowing. Now I look forward to each new day and try to not miss the opportunities that I once took for granted.


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