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The State Of My Asperger's Life In 2013

Updated on June 19, 2013

How Things Have Gone For This Aspie

As I write this, it has been five years since I realized once and for all that working with young people and the education profession was not for me, after more than 20 years of attempting to be successful in it, and decided to pursue a writing career.

That, incidentally, was when I first started posting articles on this site, following my two rules of writing that I established for myself:

1. Write what I know,


2. Get it out there.

Pretty simple rules to be sure, but they have certainly served me well as there are over 110 Hubs on this site that I have written.

Writing has been a significant focus of my life since that February day in 2008 when I quit my last education-type job as an after school teacher in the inner city and decided to go for it as far as being a writer now, or forever wishing that I had.

Thankfully, due to issues pertaining to having Asperger's which precluded me from being successful at any job where the atmosphere was top-down as far as employee-employer - without going into too many details, I suffered from several nervous breakdowns and thoughts of suicide - I was able to go on disability, so I have been able to avoid being destitute.

I have found that posting articles online about different subjects of interest - sports, racial and socio-economic issues, movies and TV, what I've learned in the education field, and travel as well as my issues with being an aspie, has served as a sort of therapy for me as I start to feel a sense of anxiety whenever I go too long without writing.

Indeed, that's particularly the case whenever something unforseen and negative happens to the sports site that I'm an associate lead editor on now, a site focusing on sports teams in Los Angeles, and I'm unable to post when I need to.

But I am working on that.

Perhaps the biggest change that has happened to me in the five years I've been writing and posting is realizing that as good as it has been for me and my writing aspirations, doing Hubs and posting stuff on other sites was not the reason why I started this journey.

For the past couple of years or so, I have been working on a book called "MY ASPIE LIFE: Living With Asperger's Syndrome In A Neurotypical World", which is just as the title describes: my experiences of beng an aspie in a world that's not aspie-oriented;

In other words, my experiences of being mainstreamed as I have been since the age of six.

So far I estimate that roughly 40 to 45 % of the first draft has been done; I am currently working on the seventh chapter and I have resolved to work on that chapter - and the book - at least once a week as my goal is to have the book finished by January 2014.

As I have no desire to get rejection letters from publishers or have my manuscript end up on some pile in a publishing office, I plan to publish the book myself because I feel that would be the best way to get MY ASPIE LIFE out.

Other than working on the book, life has gone more or less the same for me over the past couple of years; I've continued to be involved in the activities that I want to be involved with, and just living day-to-day.

Writing "MY ASPIE LIFE" is my main focus, however (or should be), so much so that, well, while this is not necessarily my official "Goodbye" Hub, working on my book must take at least some form of priority if progress is to be made.

That's why, while I'm not leaving Hubpages and plan to add articles to this site in the future, one should not be surprised if there isn't as many Hubs from me on this site, at least for a while.

Writing for this site has been good for me, a way to establish something in my writing pursuits as well as a way to express my thoughts and opinions through something that people have told me that I am good at, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I suppose there's not much left to say except that I hope people that use this site and see this Hub give me good wishes as I commence on "MY ASPIE LIFE" in earnest.


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    • profile image

      D. Johnson 4 years ago

      Best wishes with your self-published title "My Aspie Life", D. Hart. After reading your written articles on your experiences with having Asperger's, I can relate to you with having an autism spectrum disorder while being black at the same time because I happen to share some of your experiences being teased, socially excluded, taken advantage of, and feeling misunderstood by my peers in my formative school years.

      I hope your book gives people the understanding and education they need to learn more about autism that it not common in whites, but it can happen to people of color.

      I've always wondered what you'll be doing after your book is published.

    • thewritingowl profile image

      Mary Kelly Godley 4 years ago from Ireland

      Thanks for the advice and please direct me to where I can read your book once published on-line and I will keep your advice in mind for future reference definitely. Good luck to you too.

    • girlpower profile image

      girlpower 4 years ago from eugene oregon

      I feel blessed to have been able to read your hub entry, i too have always been the orange in a world of apples, after working thirty five years in service to people with disabilities, mostly at one company as independent living director overseeing twenty six clients, adults with dd or id, who live in their own apartments, it was my life, i loved my work, my employees, i gained the self confidence but overworked myself. after four years of balance problems, falling and spraining my leg, and having chronic fatigue, fibro, i finally found out that i had Multiple Sclerosis, which explained my ad version to heat in summer, the fatigue, the vibrating body, and what turned out to be my last fall, that landed me bedridden for six months, i was forced to retire, get on ssdi, and at first i was devastated, i wondered why God would take away my lifes work, well now i am over that, it took three years of good counseling and dream interpretation by a Jungian counselor. Its been a blessing, i retired and opened a box with two half written novels, and my journals from the seventies and eighties when i was wild and free and worked as a forester in eastern oregon wilderness, :named "From the Waters of Coyote Springs" then i wrote "Felix and Eve" about a man i was caregiver to who knew al capone in the good old days who when we played cards at night told me all kinds of stories, then "The Arrangement about a retired Eve who goes down to catalina island each summer to care give to a man who has MS. As you see my three novels are fictionalized memoirs, so there are things i make up but follow my journals. Well the reason i am going on right now is that i found out how to e publish on my own, on and then on, its only digital editions but my dream has come true, they are 2.99 ec either for reading devices or to read on computer. My pen name is Diane DeVillers, you go for it kiddo, you never have to worry about being different, it doesn't matter, everyone in the world has some disability, either inside or out or both, you are a child of the universe to coin a phrase. I would be willing to coach you through e publishing, first you need to finish the book, then send it to a format person who will charge you like thirty bucks to re format the manuscript into the smaller format, no spaces between chapters, so that you can download to a site. Go to and familiarize yourself with the sight, its easy, once you do it. you can email me at if you want or follow me and send me a message, don't ever let your condition get you down, i live with bad back pain and half my leg is paralyzed i use a cane or walker or power chair when i need to they are my tools, i am still the driver, the person behind all my disability, and all the years of helping disabled now comes to help me adapt to my own, i have seen both sides of being quote "Normal" and being disabled, i wouldn't change it for anything, live, breath, write dear one you are on the way, then e publish and then start your new novel, keep going, you are loved by a stranger,

    • thewritingowl profile image

      Mary Kelly Godley 4 years ago from Ireland

      Good luck with the book. It takes a lot of discipline I am nearly there with mine, well farther than i have ever gotten before anyway.