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The Strangest Phobias Eveer

Updated on August 8, 2014


A phobia is described as an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of an object or situation ( Phobias are not a rare occurrence, at one point or another everybody experienced or have known somebody who have some version of a phobia (like musophobia-fear of mice) or arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Although the most common phobias include heights and insects, there are some that are so strange that it almost seems unwell.This lost will explore some of the weirdest phobias ever reported including such gems as being afraid of falling in love or of even being touched.



This is an interesting phobia that the base behind developing it is usually from trauma or stories passed down from generation that expresses the need for the fear. The word, in geek means Hylo=fear of forests and phobia=fear. So hylophobia means fear of forests. People who develop this phobia usually includes a childhood incident of being lost in a forest or having a close loved one or friend get lost in the forest, It could also be caused from being attacked or molested in a forest because the victim would mentally connect the incident to forests so every time they enter a forest they believe there is a greater chance of a repeated incident.

Symptoms can vary with intensity of the phobia and can be anything from shaking badly to pulse raising, blood pressure high, feeling dizzy, and breathing quickly due to the overwhelming amount of fear a person has.

If a person you know has this, it is best not to try to make them get over their fear by taking them to a forest to start with. The best bet is to get them in therapy, definitely Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT will focus on not only the reason behind the developed phobia but will also help them get over it by taking small steps at a time. For instance they might start with just watching a movie about forests, taking them to a small bunch of trees like around town, and then over time taking them to a forest just for a a minute or two and every time add a little bit more time to how long they are at the forest for.



Just when you thought it cannot get any worse, Uranophobia is greek foor Urano=heaven, phobia=fear. yes this is a phobia about going to heaven. This phobia is of course only seen in religious people definitely of those in Christian and Christian-like religions. The fear is said not to about heaven itself but about making the creator and being judged for the life that they have led.

The reason behind this is that it is said only those with the most righteous of souls so these people are so terrified that they are not good enough to get in. Definitely when the alternative is hell which most religious are taught to believe is it the worst imaginable place to be.

Some do not fear getting in but fear living among angels due to unnatural look of huge wings attached to what most consider to be the most gorgeous looking men and women that you can imagine (talking about christian faith ideal of angels and not the Celtic version which was there before the Christian angels).

Symptoms are once again signs of a panic attack and treatment for it is therapy and if needed anti-anxiety pills.



If you have this phobia than the famous Mary Poppins's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is not your friend. Why? Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words. Although a more proper name for this is sesquipedaliophobia because sesquipedali means long word and phobia means fear, most people prefer the longer word to make it more intimating. The word uses hippo (large animal) and an awkward way of spelling monstrous to explain how bad this phobia is. Although most people who suffer from this have nothing really to worry about, not many large words exist but if they drive past a sign for the town Llanfairpwllgwyngyll they will probably keep driving regardless of how much they need a break or refill their gas tanks.

This can effect people in everyday life when dealing with Latin-based terms (gardeners with plant names, Veterinarian and Doctor's with diseases) and can affect children who can fear an upcoming spelling bee or a spelling test.

For treatment, depending on the severity of the phobia, therapy might be needed or simply increasing one's own vocabulary can also cure this,

Documentary-15 min


This is another of the strange phobias. Phago=swallow and phobia=fear so this is the swallowing. There is another phobia that is often confused with this which is pseudodysphagia which is the fear of choking. Phagophobia is different because choking is not the issue, its swallowing itself that makes a person freak out, Due to the psychological stress, it is common that the sufferer develops dysphagia which is painful swallowing.

Although no cause is really determined, a lot develops this due to a bad eating experience where food did not go down easily. This is one of the most scariest of the phobia because it can actually lead to starvation due to the person not being able to eat.

For treatment, distraction while eating may make it easier for the person to eat because they draw their mind off of chewing and swallowing. Drinking fluids might help as well, in extreme cases therapy is advised.

As you can see to the right of this is a documentary about dysphagia which this phobia can cause



This one is pretty simple and one that I have. This is Descendopobia, descend and fear, the fear of going downwards on stairs or hill. Although it sounds simple, there is no magical number of stairs that decides rather or not the symptoms come about. Sometimes walking off of a sidewalk to the street can cause dizzy spells depending on how large of a drop it is from the sidewalk to the street. In terms of stairs, usually it just a strong case of vertigo that brings up a dizzy spill to the point where it seems impossible to take a step. Sometimes if there is no gap the symptoms won't show and other times it will.

Most of the sufferers with this phobia, there needs to be some sort of support like railings or a person to hold onto in order to walk down stairs or a hill. The symptoms include dizziness, feeling faint, panic attacks, and in some places complete freezing up to the point where you cannot move.

It also works on flat surfaces like if you are getting on the plane and look down and see a tiny little gap as you step on it can affect you there too.

In terms of treatment, therapy is advised.


Omniphobia is simply the fear of everything. Although really rare, this phobia is one of the craziest. From fear of intimacy and love to fear of clowns to fear of the unknown and paranormal to even the fear of life itself. People are afraid constantly of Ozone damage, marital law, greenhouse effect, the melting icebergs, the heatwaves, the frosts, afraid of getting fat, afraid of getting old, afraid of death, afraid of never dying, afraid to drive, afraid to walk, afraid to breath the air without a mask, a fear of deadly diseases that is nearly impossible to get. This is very much a social media influenced phobia. Everything is doom and gloom and so people start fearing living.

We have people fearing water due to deadly parasites, we have people freaking out about the two Ebola patients who are getting treated in the United States due to the possibility of an outbreak even if Ebola can only be transferred through fluids and they are at a stage five CDC hospital which is trained to deal with cases like this.

This is a very tricky phobia to even treat due to the many fears that people can have at the same time. Therapy is advised and tips are given to help calm the person down during a panic attack.

In Conclusion

Okay I hoped you enjoyed my personal list of the six weirdest phobias, Remember if you know somebody with a phobia or you yourself have a phobia it is not the end of the world. In fact, they are part of what makes a person who they are, Just be supportive and help them if they want to get rid of the phobia but always go at their pace. It is hard to get over an irrational fear so just be supportive.


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