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The Sugar-Free Challenge

Updated on September 19, 2015
Sweet, blended coffees CAN be made without sugar.
Sweet, blended coffees CAN be made without sugar. | Source

Do you workout so you can eat what you want? Or, because you eat what you want, you feel obligated to workout? Many feel frustrated that they aren’t as trim as they would like even with trips to the gym. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you may want to go sugar-free for a month. It’s a short challenge, but one that may yield great results.

If you have a constant craving for sweets, this can seem like complete torture. Because quitting sugar cold turkey can seem impossible, there are a few tricks that can enable you to conquer this one-month challenge. After all, a world without sweets may be enough to turn someone sour.

First off, know that the first five days are going to be quite rough, especially if you are one who is frequently reaching for those sugary snacks. Stay strong. As soon as you cave the first time, you are more likely to always be making exceptions for yourself. Once you reach for a handful of candy sitting on your co-worker’s desk when walking by, there’s no stopping you from grabbing another handful on the way back. You may find this to be true also if you have sweets in your house –if they are around you, they will find their way into your mouth. To avoid this, don’t bring any cookies, candies, or sweets into your home from the start!

Desert without the glut.
Desert without the glut. | Source

Satisfy the craving without caving

As mentioned above, the sugar-free month can seem overbearing for the sugar addict and may make that entire month seem bleak. In order to ease the pain and make the time less dismal, you should allow yourself one day during the week to enjoy a treat. For example, you may claim Saturday to be your “sugar-free break.” This doesn’t mean that on this designated day you need to make up for all that loss you faced the other six days of the week. Jumping out of bed to eat a brimming bowl of Lucky Charms followed by Twinkies for dessert doesn’t quite fit in with the sugar-free plan. Rather, allow yourself one delectable, savory treat, but be modest with the proportion. Go out for an ice cream cone, or for a single slice of pie and coffee. By going out and eating a dessert, you are also less likely to have sweets sitting in your home to tempt you later on.

If getting through all the other six days seems unbearable, there is a way you can satisfy your sweet tooth without totally cheating - make sugar free desserts. A couple of sugar-free desserts that taste sweet and are low in calories include: sugar free gelatin, sugar free pudding, and yogurts . When perusing the pudding aisle of your supermarket, you might just be surprised how many different varieties there are. If you want to jazz one of these treats up a bit, add some sugar-free whipped topping. You can have a dessert that is less than 50 calories - if you can stop yourself with one serving. But even if you can’t, you’ll be doing less damage to yourself than by consuming a couple of donuts!

Many people make diet resolutions that are too monumental to keep up with. This is a shorter challenge, but you will probably notice results. To help keep yourself on track, you may want to start fresh at the first day of the month; don’t forget to mark it down on your calendar! That way you can not only make the goal more established, but you can check your progress and count the days each week that are left before your token "break.” If you can get through the first week, you'll probably find that it only gets easier to reach the end of the month. You will most likely find that after a month, you don’t even crave the sweets like you did previously. By the end, you will probably have noticed a change for the better in the way you look and feel. Even if you haven’t, you should be proud of yourself for taking control of your sugar addiction and cutting down on the sweets. At least your dentist will.



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    • Karolyn Kokko profile imageAUTHOR

      Karolyn Kokko Lehn 

      3 years ago from Ann Arbor, MI

      Thanks for the feedback:) I definitely have found that getting over that initial hump is the hardest, then I don't even miss the sugar!

    • renee21 profile image


      3 years ago

      I'm completely sugar free. I feel so much better when I don't eat sugar. Great hub! Voted up!


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