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The Surprising Benefits of Sugar for Getting Rid of Acne Fast

Updated on January 2, 2016
The Surprising Benefits of Sugar for Your Skin
The Surprising Benefits of Sugar for Your Skin | Source

Acne can be an unpleasant experience for all of us. But, there is a way to get rid of acne by using a natural homemade do it yourself exfoliant. It is cheap, widely available and mostly, effective.

As you may have already experienced, acne is like an inevitable curse that has tormented people, most especially women over the years. There are various types of acne according to medicine, but the most common type is Acne Vulgaris which usually affects people going to puberty or even adults. This type of acne is hormonal and can occur monthly for women because of hormonal changes during menstrual periods or it can last permanently. Evidently, the appearance of people having acne isn't very pleasing. It is well understood that almost everyone is experiencing this excruciating agony. Nevertheless, unlucky individuals may be subjected to bullying or ridicule because of how they look.

Acne doesn't just affect your skin. It affects you as a whole. It affects your self-esteem, self-confidence and your outlook. Even just a tiny bit of break out can affect you in a negative way. Those with mild acne can suffer from conditions such as depression and anxiety; and that goes for people suffering from sever acne as well. The situation could be hard on us, especially for young adults and women.

A Brief Overview of Acne

Like all people, I have suffered from acne greatly, There are several factors which can trigger the production of acne such as: Air pollution, hormones, bad hygiene, sweat, dirt, over productive sweat glands and unluckily, genetics. Basically, your sebaceous gland is responsible for producing the oil in your face called sebum. The oil, or sebum is mainly responsible for keeping your face from getting dry. Think of it as a natural lotion for your skin. The gland is commonly active during puberty, pregnancy, stress or other factors involving hormonal changes. When your pores, which are the little holes that serves as an opening from your oil glands to the skin surface gets constricted, in addition to dirt, dust, and oil thanks to environmental pollution; the oil gland will activate further increasing oil production causing your skin to become inflamed. Hence, pimple ensues. The white fluid in the center of the pimple is called a pus. That's a product of inflammation consisting of dead collection of cells. People tend to pop these irresistible things. However, popping pimples may cause injury to the skin's epidermal layer which will cause permanent scarring.

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What Is One of the Solutions to Get Rid of Acne

Now, let's go to the meat of this article.

Personally, I have suffered from acne due to stress from work triggered by an allergy of some sort causing numerous production of acne on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. The entire experience was horrifying because this was the first time that I have experienced acne over the years.

The entire situation lasted for 5 months and I have tried everything to eliminate my acne problem from changing cleansers, facials, to spending a fortune on dermatologists. It placed a huge damage for me financially to the point that I would give up.

However, the decision of approaching a natural remedy came to me. Since, our skin cycle regenerates every thirty days, dead skin cells on the surface of the skin get sloughed off. Hence, we need to exfoliate. Due to the chemicals found on different products remain questionable for people like us who doesn't major in chemistry; using chemical exfoliators can irritate our skin. Therefore, in order to exfoliate skin everyday without having to worry about irritation, we should consider the natural approach. And this is where the all natural sugar exfoliant comes in.

Sugar can have numerous benefits on the skin as an exfoliant. Sugar can absorb water from the environment and even products containing sugar will help hydrate your skin. Sugar also contains glycolic acid which is the key ingredient of that expensive beauty product on the store shelves. Natural glycolics found in sugar moisturizes and helps protects your skin from harmful toxins.

The Benefits of Sugar To Your Skin
The Benefits of Sugar To Your Skin | Source

Scrub for Beauty

Plain sugar can be used on its own. It is enough to unclog your pores and slough of dead skin cells. To further take it up a notch, using honey or oil can form a paste. Honey also has its amazing benefits because of excellent properties that can help moisturize your skin.

In a bowl, mix a teaspoon of honey and sugar in a 1:2 ratio. Then, wash your face with soap of your choosing and warm water. Gently rub the mixture in your face for 10 to 15 seconds and rinse with water. Keep in mind that you have to cleanse twice because while exfoliating, dead skin cells and dirt were removed. Rinsing with water alone won't completely cleanse your skin, so it's highly recommended that you wash your face again.

Personally, I did this routine every single day and noticed in less than a month that my skin became clear. All that's left now are acne scars. If performed regularly, a sugar scrub will help you get rid of pimples in no time.


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