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Health Tips: What are the Benefits of Cold Showers?

Updated on December 4, 2016

Cold Showers? Really?

When you think of hopping into the shower in the morning only to leave the tap on icy cold, you might literally and figuratively shudder. I don’t blame you! After all, who doesn’t love a nice hot shower? Warm water is relaxing, and it can help soothe sore muscles and prepare you for a long day ahead. However, cold water has its surprising share of health benefits, and this HubPage will cover exactly why you should consider turning the tap to cold.

Health Benefits

Cold showers have been shown to:

Boost your immune system:

A cold shower is quite the shock to your body, so your entire system is forced to respond to the dramatic change in temperature. Over time, your body will increase immune strength and become better and more efficient at fighting off colds and viruses.

Increase overall circulation:

When your body temperature drops, your body needs to warm itself and it does this primarily through increasing blood flow. Your organs will fight to keep warm and your overall circulatory system stimulation will need to increase.

Reduce muscle soreness or stiffness:

There’s a reason why many professional athletes take ice baths after a long game or intense practice. The reason cold water helps reduce soreness has to do with the increased circulation of blood in your body. The circulation of blood results in an increase in the removal of lactic acid from muscle, which is what is responsible for that feeling of soreness.

Rejuvenate the the skin and hair:

When your pores are open, it is easy for dirt and sweat to become trapped in them, potentially resulting in acne breakouts or irritations. Cold water helps close your pores, reducing the chance of having a breakout. Cold water also doesn’t dry out your hair, leaving the essential oils in your hair intact.

Promote weight loss:

With cold showers, your body naturally increases its base metabolic rate since it has to expend more energy to keep warm. This causes you to burn more energy throughout the day, which may assist with weight loss for some individuals.

Increase mental toughness:

This one is a bit more of a feeling than scientific fact, but try taking the plunge every morning for a month and see what kind of person you become! The change might surprise you.

Make you more alert:

This one is a no brainer, but there is nothing more stimulating that shocking your body with cold water. A cup of coffee might help in the morning, but if you have difficulty getting your morning started, cold showers may be for you. During my time in school I often had difficulty getting ready in the morning and feeling "with it." When I made it to morning class I found that I could hardly pay attention or even remain awake some days, regardless of how much coffee I chugged back. Once I incorporated cold showers into my morning routine, staying focused in lectures became immensely easy.

Cold showers can actually assist with weight loss!
Cold showers can actually assist with weight loss!

Additional Benefits of a Cold Shower

While this doesn't relate to one's overall health, these benefits are still worth mentioning!

They save water, and the planet:

Cold water is undeniably unpleasant, but this means that after you soap and rinse and turn the tap to cold, you'll only be spending another 30 seconds or a minute under the water. After using cold showers for several weeks, you may even notice a drop in your hydro bill due to a decrease in your household's water consumption! This is also beneficial for the environment as you will save more water annually. So for the sake of your energy bill and our precious water, perhaps considering implementing cold showers into your life!

Look at all that water! Save some of it!
Look at all that water! Save some of it!

Think You'll Try Cold Showers?

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Implementing Cold Showers in Your Life

Don’t go running off to the shower to plunged into some icy water just yet. The best way to implement a cold shower into your morning routine is to begin with lukewarm water and soap to open and clean your pores before turning the tap down. Gradual changes are the key here: slowly lower the temperature and stand under the cold water for thirty seconds to a minute. Don’t stay under too long! The goal here is to become more alert and kick-start your bodies circulation and metabolism, not to freeze or shiver. Furthermore, if you currently have a cold or feel sick, hold off on the cold showers while recovering!

So, think you have what it takes to start taking some icy showers? Give it a try as an experiment, and see the health benefits for yourself! I hope you have found this Hub informative, and thank you for reading!

If you're looking for other healthy tips and ways to kick-start your morning, check out my How to Improve the Health of Your Breakfast Hub!

The Benefits of A Cold Shower - Art of Manliness


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