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The Swimming Exercise for Diabetes

Updated on June 30, 2017

It is a known fact that diet and exercises can significantly affect the condition of diabetes. The lifestyle and exercise habits are directly related to the overall health. Unless you perform the right exercises, you would not be able to control, manage or reverse your diabetes.

Apart from other exercises like walking and running, swimming is considered an excellent solution for diabetes. When thinking about going for such exercise, you can either opt for water aerobics class or join swimming. The exercise can be performed in form of laps and it is easy as compared to running.

Swimming is considered a good alternative for running, walking and cycling. No matter what type of diabetes you carry (Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational diabetes), the water exercises are perfect to pursue. It does not require you to spend money on expensive equipment, while you just need a simple swimsuit and goggles.

During the last few years, there is a growing awareness among people about benefit of swimming as healthy exercise for diabetes. This is the reason, nowadays fitness clubs are getting more members who want to get themselves listed for swimming classes. The exercise itself has various benefits for patients like it helps you lose body weight, regulate blood sugar and build muscles.

When thinking about starting swimming, you can probably consider getting a health advice from your doctor. It will help you minimize the risk associated with opting for a new exercise. Once the doctor says okay, you can start getting the required equipment for swimming.

You can easily get yourself a cheap membership for swimming club by searching in your local area. The public pools offer discounts and easy membership for new clients. Get yourself some knowhow about swimming schedules and how to do the exercise perfectly.

It is a good idea to eat something before you start doing the exercise. Your sugar levels might be low (hypoglycemia), so you may need some sugar which can used during metabolism process. This greatly depends upon the specific type of diabetes you are suffering from. If you plan to swim for extended periods of time, you may need to eat extra or keep food items with you to eat later. The emergency snacks are a must have, if you plan to swim for more than 30 minutes.

Apart from doing lap swimming exercises, you can also go for deep water running. This can be easily done with help of floatation belt that keeps your upper body above water. The legs are moving under water which tend to take your energy and help doing good workout. The resistance from water makes you exert extra effort, thus making your muscles more strong.

In short, swimming is both fun and beneficial exercise for diabetic patients. In comparison to other exercise, it keeps you fresh and also close to supplies for emergency diabetic treatment. You can start doing swimming today after consultation from a physician.


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