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The Ten BEST Reasons for Women to Quit Drinking and Achieve Sobriety

Updated on January 12, 2013
Nobody is going to rescue need to save yourself!
Nobody is going to rescue need to save yourself!
Life is beautiful when we value ourselves enough to make our mental and physical health a priority...
Life is beautiful when we value ourselves enough to make our mental and physical health a priority...

As women, we know ourselves. When we are ready to really see what is holding us back, nothing can stop us. No book, quiz, or other person can tell us when we have a drinking problem. We know when something is interfering with our success, and interfering with us living our best possible life. For those of you still struggling with alcohol, perhaps the following reasons will help to convince you. For those of you already sober, maybe the following reasons will remind you to celebrate that fact!

1. You are SOBER! You are present to experience life. You will remember the good times and actually be there to support yourself and other people in the difficult times.

2. No more HANGOVERS!! You will never feel like that again. No more wasted mornings or days spent waiting just to go to sleep so you feel better the NEXT day.

3. No more risky behavior. You will not have to feel regret and shame. You will not do things that you normally wouldn't do. You can trust yourself, and be proud of your decisions.

4. You have more time to pursue hobbies or dreams. To practice self-care. Or more time to clean and organize. The time spent drinking was a physical and emotional drain.

5. You can enjoy interactions and conversations with people in a genuine way. Family gatherings and important events can be treasured, and remembered.

6. You save money at the liquor store and in restaurants. The saved money can be put towards fulfilling a dream. Or, if someone else is paying, you save them money!

7. You can enjoy the fact that you are now much healthier. No more drinking poison that your poor, overtaxed body has to deal with. You have strengthened your immune system.

8. You look better, too! Skin and complexion quickly get a boost. Your breath certainly gets better. Alcohol is so many unnecessary calories. Bloat disappears.

9. You are always available to help out. You can always drive. You can be there in a competent way if something goes wrong with someone that you love, or you are needed.

10. You have honored and shown love for yourself in the best possible way. Only when we treat ourselves with respect are we truly able to love, respect, and care for others.

A great resource for women struggling with an alcohol problem is the non-profit Women for Sobriety. The community of women there is powerful, and the self-awareness program designed by its founder is effective and powerful. This was a powerful tool in my sobriety journey.

We need to look out for ourselves!!!
We need to look out for ourselves!!!

Books by the founder of Women for Sobriety


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