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The Think and Grow Rich Secret Revealed

Updated on September 30, 2014

The Think and Grow Rich Secret Revealed

Think and Grow Rich is probably one of the most popular success books ever written. Although the book was written in 1937 (almost 80 years ago), its message and influence has never waned. This writer of the book, which is Napoleon Hill, claimed to have had a personal meeting with the renowned Andrew Carnegie, in which the latter divulged to him a specific secret in which the most successful people in every field and industry imaginable possessed.

As most people who are familiar with this classic know very well, is that the secret is alluded to in every chapter of the book at least one time, though it is not directly named. This secret has stumped people for decades. Many people have read the book several times and continue to be bewildered as to what the secret is. The internet is inundated with websites dedicated to this secret for a fee.

No other success book in the history of written text has generated such a following as this book has. Whole social groups and Facebook chat groups are created for the purpose of studying this book for the discovery of the secret. This writer has read numerous opinions as to what this mystery is, but none of them has come even close to the true identity of the secret. One of the most common opinions is that the secret is “persistence”.

However, the attribute of persistence is mentioned several times throughout the book. One individual even wrote that the secret is the golden rule. The golden rule is certainly virtuous and praiseworthy, but it is not the secret. Remember… for those of you that are interested, the secret is not directly named. The reader must therefore deduce from the examples and illustrations that Mr. Hill provides in the book.

The illustrations provided range from a little African American girl to the automobile guru Henry Ford. In each illustration, Hill shows how at first the main personage of the story utterly fails at their task. On the story of Ford, Hill elaborates how he (Ford) fails numerous times in the development of a V8 engine, but persists. Other stories show how people essentially give up on their goal and end up regretting the decision.

I must confess that I have read the book several times before discovering the coveted secret. But now after discovering it, the substance and identity of it are irrefutable. In a sense the secret is kind of revelatory since so few people possess the secret. What… you say? The great paradox of Think and Grow Rich is that you must possess the attribute of the secret in order to discover the secret. Are you with me here?

For example, to the average person such as myself, it would take many analytical readings using different kinds of strategies to discover this gem. In case you are wondering, the secret is not determination, because this is also named. However, the secret is closely associated with determination. The quality of determination has the propensity to wane after a while, because it is a monolithic feature that is only strong in its genesis.

The secret, on the other hand, contains adaptability, precision, strategic thinking, and patience for the attainment of the prize. Remember, for those of you who have read the book, Napoleon Hill says that the secret comes in two parts, and that you are already in possession of the first part if you are reading the book. The fact that you are reading this hub shows that you possess the first part of the secret, which is nothing more or less than desire.

First, you must possess the desire to know and understand the final part of the secret. However, desire is mentioned in the book as well so it is not the secret that Hill is referring to, but only the initiation of it. Most people, from my estimation, will not read a 800 or 900 word article so congratulate yourself because the secret is about to be revealed. The secret can be found in Proverbs 21:5.

Proverbs 21: 5- “The THOUGHTS of the DILIGENT lead only to ABUNDANCE; but every one that is hasty to want”.

Yes, the secret is diligence! Diligence is the art of persistence, precision, adaptability, and a correct perspective on the object of your most cherished desire. Diligent people think and grow rich! With diligence methods change, but the end goal remains the same. These were the precise characteristics in each of the stories that Hill conveyed in his fantastic book. This is the same trait that every major achiever in human history has possessed from Thomas Edison to Gandhi.

The fact is that the majority of people will experience many heart breaking failures in pursuit of their goals. Most of these people will also give up. Why? It is because they are hasty, just like the proverb says. The want success, but they are not willing to pay the price in time and effort. They want to succeed immediately, and if they don’t, they cry and quit. On the other hand, determined people try to reach goals through the pure power of will, but ultimately give up as well. Sometimes they may succeed, but not all the time.

The diligent person, however, will succeed 100 percent of the time! Diligence requires both will and wisdom; a component which determination lacks. Their thoughts are conditioned to believe in the impossible and are conducive with natural law. The law of probability reveals that if you try something for long enough using various methods to reach a goal that you will ultimately succeed. Desire + Diligence = Success. Never forget it!

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