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The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Updated on July 12, 2010

Once you reach the third trimester of pregnancy, suddenly it feels like you’re almost there and the excitement of seeing your baby soon, of holding him close becomes so much more real. You will probably have joined a pregnancy class in the 2nd trimester and you will no doubt have been taught about breathing, childbirth and breastfeeding.

The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy
The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

This is the time when pregnancy diet plays a large part and you need to be sure that you not just eat enough for two but eat sensibly so you get nutrition and not just empty calories. You might find that you feel hot at times and if you were to take your temperature, it could be higher than normal. Unless you feel feverish and ill, this is just a part of the third trimester pregnancy symptoms so don’t worry. It happens because of the heat generated as the fetus grows inside you. You’ll find that you are perspiring more too, especially at night.

During the third trimester of pregnancy is when you might find that you get slight uterine contractions called Braxton Hicks contractions or false labour. They are usually painless – just a sudden tightening that lasts for a few seconds. If it is anything longer than that and if there is pain, call your doctor immediately.

You might also feel that you are getting a bit more hairy but don’t worry – all this extra hair that grows on your arms and legs just go away after you give birth. You might also find that though you are getting bigger, you also feel more energetic so you might want to go for walks, swim if your doctor says you can and do the chores at home, without overstraining yourself. Do not pick up weights and don’t pull or push anything using a lot of force.

This could also be the time that the doctor asks you to have a pregnancy ultrasound or a sonography done to make sure that everything is all right and the baby is growing normal. In case of any suspected abnormalities, this could also be the time when the doctor could ask you to do an amniocentesis test in order to rule out or confirm any abnormalities in the baby.

If you keep busy these last three months can go by very quickly. All you need to do is to take a bit of care during the third trimester for a healthy pregnancy and before you know it, you’ll be giving birth to your beautiful baby.


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