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The Thirty Day No Junk Food Challenge

Updated on January 10, 2012

It has been said by many experts that the bulk of weight gain is caused not by lack of exercise, but by poor diet. In the spirit of investigation and science, I've decided to carpe the diem and try cutting out all junk and fast food for thirty days just to see what happens. I'm predicting I'll be gnawing the walls to try to get the sugary chemicals in the wall paper paste by the end of it.

Why Do The Thirty Day No Junk Food Challenge?

It's New Year's, which means a lot of us will give into the guilt (and minor loathing we have on account of the guilt) and make resolutions that are supposed to last the whole year. This resolution won't last the whole year. If I'm lucky, it'll last thirty days. Theoretically, thirty days should be enough. Experts say it takes around 21 days to break old habits and form new ones, so at thirty days, this challenge has a seven day safety buffer built right in.

Best case scenario, I break the crushing grip that candy, in particular, chocolate has on my diet. Worst case scenario we all get to chuckle as I descend into the depths of candy withdrawal.

Rules For The Thirty Day No Junk Food Challenge

  • No chocolate.
  • No candy.
  • No sugary treats of any kind. This includes sugar cane offered by hallucinogenic Panda bears. Actually, it goes double for sugar cane offered by hallucinogenic Panda bears.
  • No chips. (Or crisps, as the Brits would call them.)
  • No fast food.
  • No fruit. This is probably going to look like a weird addition to this list, but fruit, although healthier than junk food, is very high in sugar and I feel like it might break my will. Instead of fruit there will be lots of vegetables. Mmm. Steamed, boiled, raw vegetables. With cheese, because cheese is good for you.

Starting Point Data

Every challenge needs a starting point to be marked, which I will do with measurements of weight and size.

On this, the first of January, 2012, I weigh 165 pounds (75 kgs) and have the following dimensions:

  • Chest 41 inches. (105 cm.)
  • Waist 33 inches. (85 cm.)
  • Hips 43 inches. (109 cm.)

Exercise during this period will consist almost entirely of walking around an hour a day. That makes me slightly more active than an entirely sedentary person, but not nearly as active as an active person. Time in the backyard practicing jumping (it's always good to practice jumping) is also part of my exercise regime.


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