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The Thirty Day No Junk Food Challenge | Day Two: Low Sugar And Rationalization

Updated on January 3, 2012
Sugar, or as I like to call it, cubed ruination.
Sugar, or as I like to call it, cubed ruination.

Day two was an interesting day. By interesting I of course mean 'hard'. I probably had a little bit too much dark chocolate, I'd say roughly three times the amount I had yesterday. 450 calories worth or so, roughly give or take.

On the plus side, I have avoided all potato chips and other sugary snacks, including fruit juices and yes, fruit. For dinner I made a vegetable quiche with cauliflower and broccoli and you know, eggs. There were some oven baked french fries too, but I don't count them as junk food because they're basically potato that's baked and that's not junk is it?

Lunch was Chinese food, fried rice. Which again, is on the borderline of junk and non junk, but as this 'diet' if you will is really about cutting out excess sugar, I'm okay with that for one day. Takeaways have never been a huge part of my diet and I don't think a little indulgence will hurt. Hopefully.

Exercise involved a 20 minute walk and running around in the backyard like an idiot for approximately the same amount of time. (Running around like an idiot is definitely going to catch on in dieting circles, I can feel it in my waters.)

Why Is This Diet Mostly About Cutting Sugar?

As I mentioned in earlier posts, sugar is all empty calories and misery. That's what scientists say. Here are some good reasons to cut sugar in your diet, from someone with a PhD. You should be warned that reading this sort of information could make you feel terribly bad about sugary candy treats, which may cause cognitive dissonance if you indulge anyway.

  • Sugar can cause an increase in total cholesterol, an increase in 'bad' cholesterol' and a decrease in 'good' cholesterol.
  • Sugar can cause premature aging.
  • Sugar can increase systolic blood pressure.
  • Sugar can contribute to depression.
  • Sugar is believed to feed cancer cells.
  • Sugar contributes to appendicitis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins.

The list goes on...


Just in case you think I haven't been doing much of anything in the way of junk food avoidance, let me make it clear that in just two days of this junk food free fast, I've turned down:

  • Pizza
  • Popcorn (The buttery, salt packed kind, not the natural plain kind that is probably quite good for you.)
  • Potato chips.
  • Ice cream.

That's actually quite a lot of junk I would have normally not thought twice about stuffing into my mouth. When you get down to it, it's amazing how much junk gets inhaled casually. The real way to cut down on consumption is not to have it in the house, and to have something relatively healthy on standby to deal with cravings. I have my dark chocolate for that of course, and though I'll have to watch my intake of that to avoid this turning into 'The Thirty Day Dark Chocolate Diet' it's better than most of the alternatives.


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    • Trish_M profile image

      Tricia Mason 6 years ago from The English Midlands

      Hi :)

      Interesting. I try this sort of thing from time to time ~ but it is very hard!

      I tend to think of potatoes and white flour as 'sugar', too, because I believe that they are essentially the same, once ingested, but I would still eat fruit, if not concentrated fruit juice.

      Good luck!

    • Silja Paulus profile image

      Silja Paulus 6 years ago from Bristol, United Kingdom

      If you want to fight your cravings for sugar, you may also try eating some nuts. Almonds are a good choice. I've recently noticed that if I eat almonds I lose appetite for candies and other not-so-healthy foods. I'm also trying to avoid all these candies I got for Christmas as presents.

      It's quite interesting that you've set this goal for you. I wish you good luck!