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The Time I Told My Mother I Was Pregnant!

Updated on June 23, 2016

The Time I Told My Mom I Was Pregnant

It was a nice February morning in 2015 when I took the scariest and exciting test! That's right the pregnancy test. When I saw those two lines I was in shock! I had mixed emotions going through my mind. Oh my goodness how will I raise this baby? I'm going to be a mommy this is great! How will my fiancee feel about this? What will my mom say? What will everyone say and think?! Yep I was a wreck with my feelings but most of all I was actually excited to be pregnant. I finished school and was looking at places to move to with my fiancee and planning a date to get married. I decided to wait a day before I told my mother, I was so nervous to tell her even though I finished school, was getting married and soon moving out Lol I still didn't want her to be disappointed in me. When the next day approached I took another test just to believe that this is actually happening. The test came back positive again so I walked into my mom's room and told her "I haven't been feeling like myself lately". I basically had her play the guessing game with me. She threw questions wondering what could be wrong and I said no to all. Then she finally asked if I was pregnant. My heart began to pound as I said yes quietly hoping she didn't hear me but hoping she did. She put her head down with a smile and was in shock as well. She told me she was excited and a little sad she wanted me to do much more before having a baby, but she was happy she was going to be a grandmother. We made an appointment at a clinic to confirm the pregnancy and found myself a great doctor yes I told my fiancee before I told my mom but that's another story lol. Today my son is 7 months and my mom is the proudest grandmother (Excuse me GGma!!!) could ever be!


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