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The Top 10 Most Comforting Things

Updated on February 10, 2014

~ What is Comfort? ~

The word comfort originated during the 13th century. It is a noun that is formally defined as any state of physical ease, relief, or freedom from pain and/or constraint. Comfort is also any form of consolation from grief or anxiety. Comfort can also be a verb, which is to make someone feel less unhappy by consoling them. Synonyms can include sympathy, solace, and condolence.

Having comfort or being comforted is a soothing and pleasurable experience for any person to have, including babies but also even as adults. When a person is comforted or feels comfort, they are generally able to feel less worried, upset, and frightened about certain things or situations they are experiencing. Comfort can also give a person strength, faith, and hope in their life and during their time of need. This can reduce or possibly eliminate the negative emotions that a person can feel during any type of hardship. Comfort for a person can be found in many different things, depending on the person's needs and the type of situation. Being comforted in a time of need can help to increase a person's self confidence and even reduce signs of depression. Having comfort is a form of reassurance and positivity that everyone needs at some point in their life because life is never perfect. There are many challenges and struggles a person will face throughout their life, and they may feel like it is hopeless at times. Having comfort and being comforted are always good things for a person to enjoy.

~ When is Comfort Necessary? ~

There are many different types of circumstances, challenges, and situations that people will experience throughout their lifetime. Many of them will not be positive or go the way a person expected, which can be very painful. Many hardships will occur because it is a natural part of life and love. Having some type of comfort during any tough time is always beneficial for a person in many ways. Comfort helps a person to get over what has happened and to move on in a more positive way, while not feeling so alone. Just as babies need to be comforted when upset, for what ever reason, so do teens and adults. Some of the most common negative life experiences that can happen to any person for comfort to be necessary include:

  • The death of a loved one.
  • A traumatic experience.
  • Health/Medical related issues.
  • The ending of a personal relationship.
  • Rejection.
  • A great disappointment.
  • A negative outcome.
  • A bad day.

Your Comfort

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~ Types of Comfort ~

The type of comfort a person needs depends on the type of circumstance, challenge, or situation that a person is experiencing. It is also based on the emotions that a person is feeling at that point in time. There are many different types of comfort that a person can enjoy and offer to other people. Comfort can be more than just in the form of physical comfort. Many times people try to comfort others in ways that are not helpful for a person because it is not the right type of comfort for their unique circumstance, challenge, or situation. Once the type of circumstance, challenge, or situation is discovered, then true comfort can begin that is the most effective for that person. The most common types of comfort that are available are:

  • Physical comfort - a hug or a kiss.
  • Emotional comfort - talking or listening.
  • Environmental comfort - lights, sounds, smells, and atmosphere.
  • Spiritual comfort - attending church or participating in fellowship.
  • Mental comfort - reading a special book or watching a certain movie/television show.

Everyone Needs Comfort Sometime

The Top 10 Most Comforting Things

Since there are many types of comfort available for a person, what are the most comforting things for any person? This usually depends upon the person's personal preference, but there are some things that are generally comforting for everyone to enjoy during any circumstance, challenge, or situation. People look for comfort in many different things, but there are only a few things that provide real, true comfort. Some things can provide a false sense of comfort, which can only increase the negativity of a situation and give a person false hope. There are things that are more comforting than others. The list below will explain and illustrate the top 10 most comforting things for any person to enjoy, no matter what difficulties they may be enduring. Comfort is best when received from other people, but comfort can also be given to yourself.

1. Nibbles of Dark Chocolate.

Dark chocolate is always the number one most comforting thing for any person to indulge in during any situation. No matter what type of discouraging circumstance, challenge, or situation a person may be experiencing, dark chocolate is always the cure. Dark chocolate is a healthy snack for the mind and the body, but it is also able to cure many other different ailments. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which are naturally found in plants and are a basic component for the human diet. Snacking on dark chocolate often can increase calmness and contentment, and can also help a person to have a more positive mood. Dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and tastes wonderful. Many times dark chocolate can work better than over the counter or prescribed medication. Dark chocolate is not the same as regular chocolate, so always choose only dark chocolate during any difficult time.

2. Homemade Food.

The second most comforting thing for many people is the most obvious. Homemade food that is consumed for comfort is also commonly known as comfort food. Homemade comfort food always seems to heal many different ailments, from a broken heart to loosing a job. Most times homemade food that can provide the most comfort may not be the healthiest, but there are some healthy choices available. There are many different types of homemade and comforting foods for a person to enjoy. Some of the most trendy homemade dishes that are the most comforting are:

  • Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Burgers.
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs with Garlic Bread.
  • Pizza with Salad.
  • Extra Cheezy Lasagna.
  • Donuts with Pretty Toppings.

Try eating your way to comfort when experiencing any difficult time!

3. A Glass of Wine or Beer.

This is the third most comforting thing for any adult to enjoy because it can allow for relaxation and some time to ponder the entire situation for a moment. A glass of wine or beer nicely compliments the second most comforting thing, homemade food. Both drinks do contain alcohol, but are derived from all natural ingredients. Wine and beer contain antioxidants, which is a healthy and all natural mood enhancer. This third most comforting thing is usually best after a bad day or a relationship ending. A glass of wine or beer can calm a person to be able to think more clearly and more logically about what has happened, what is currently going on, and how to move on. After a glass of wine or beer, a person can start to let down built up walls, enabling a needed release of built up emotions and feelings. It can also help a person to be more honest with themselves about their situation.

Caution: Never drink and drive! Never mix alcoholic beverages with medication(s), as sickness and adverse effects will occur. Drink alcoholic beverages only in moderation to avoid impaired judgement, overreacting, and to reduce the chances of making irrational decisions during any vulnerable time.

4. The Power of Music.

The fourth most comforting thing for any person is music. Music helps calm babies, but it can also can be emotionally and mentally comforting for an adult who is experiencing a difficult time. Listening to music that is happy, hopeful, and insightful can be uplifting and encouraging to a person's outlook. Often times music can describe emotions and feelings that can not be put into words. Certain songs and lyrics can allow a person to feel not so alone by hearing that someone else feels the same way and created a song about it. Listening to certain types of music can increase happiness by enabling a person to focus more on the good things about a situation, like learning from it and moving on to become stronger. Certain songs can increase self confidence and help a person to feel better about themselves, and their situation. Listening to sad and depressing songs can only make a difficult situation even worse because it focuses only on the negative aspects of what is going on, to make a person feel depressed. Music should be comforting by the the lyrics, the sound, and the tone of songs. Sometimes it is best to let the music speak instead of trying to find the right words to say.

5. A Warm Bubble Bath.

The fifth most comforting thing for any person to enjoy can happily be combined with the third and the fourth most comforting things. A warm bubble bath is the best way for a person to gain some peaceful thinking and inner reflection during any situation. A warm bubble bath can be comforting to any person, including babies, because of the way the warm water feels against the skin and the aroma of the bubble bath may be mentally relaxing. Playing soft music and lighting some candles can increase the atmosphere for increased serenity and stress reduction. Try adding freshly cut fruit or flowers into the bubble bath for a more amazing experience, like oranges or lavender. For this to be the most effective, it should be quiet and adequate time should be allotted to absorb the peacefulness. Do not spend too much time soaking in a warm bubble bath, as excessive pruning of the skin will occur. Drying off with an over-sized soft, fluffy towel can end this comforting experience with extra added comfort. A warm bubble bath is usually best right before bedtime, for more beneficial and deeper sleep. Let the bubbles wash away all your troubles!

6. Shopping.

The sixth most comforting thing for any person to enjoy is shopping. This is often utilized most by women, but men can partake in this comforting experience also. Shopping for a new outfit, new shoes, home decor, or even a new car can always help a person to feel more comforted by boosting self confidence. It can also help a person to get out of the house and change the scenery. Shopping for something new can be an exciting and invigorating feeling for a person to feel when they are down about a certain something. Avoid shopping too much because it can become a serious addiction if not kept under control. Shopping for something small, but meaningful, can help to relieve stress and depression without breaking the bank or a person's budget. The anticipation of showing the new purchase to friends and loved ones can inspire new feelings of hope and happiness. Shopping also makes life more enjoyable and pleasurable. This can also help a person to focus on something more exciting.

7. An Overdue Nap.

This top most comforting thing is often forgotten about. When a person is overly exhausted, this can increase stress, anxiety, and depression when enduring any difficult time. An overdue nap is beneficial for a person in many ways and is very comforting too. A nap helps the body to regenerate and repair itself, but also helps the mind to relax. After accomplishing the above top most comforting things, a person can enjoy an overdue nap in a more efficient way. A nap is usually best on a cold and/or rainy day, but also best during a quiet afternoon. A comforting nap should not be for many hours, only a couple, so that a person can still get a good night's sleep. Cozy, soft blankets with a fluffy pillow can increase comfort and help a person to fall asleep faster.

8. A Walk Alone.

This next most comforting thing is a great way for a person to clear their mind and also to enjoy nature's beauty. A brisk walk alone during a sunny afternoon or during a sunset can help a person to focus on some thing else for a moment, while encouraging peaceful reflection. Be sure not to have interruptions, such as a cell phone, which can ruin the moment. Walking can increase blood flow to the brain, but it is also great exercise. Cardio exercise is very beneficial for heart health but can also burn unwanted calories, which can increase weight loss. A walk alone is the best method for a person to spend time with mind and soul, to figure out what they want. Walk your way to comfort and happiness will meet you at the end.

9. Some Snuggling Time.

Snuggling is another most comforting thing for any person, not just babies. Snuggling is healthy for the soul and also helps a person to explore their own comfort zone. Snuggling with a loved one during any time of need is a great way to be physically comforted by another person or to offer comfort to another person. While being in a safe and secure location, snuggling with someone that is trusted can open the door for needed communication about problems and emotions. Snuggling in front of a warm fire at the end of a bad day can melt negativity away. Being held closely by a loved one can inspire feelings of love, trust, and hope. The scent of the other person can be mentally comforting and the sensation of gentle of soft rubbing can be physically calming. Snuggling can comfort anyone when they are upset.

10. Supportive Family and Friends.

This final top most comforting thing is the most commonly used method. Supportive family and friends can provide comfort to a person like nothing else can because they know a person better than anyone else. Family and friends that are supportive can be trusted to discuss what is going on and provide positive advice, as an outsider looking in. Sometimes it is not good for a person who is going through a difficult and challenging time to be alone because it can increase depression. Talking about issues and having positive support on what to do can help a person to know that they are not alone. Sometimes this may not be the best way to comfort a person because even though family and friends are supportive, they may not understand the challenge, circumstance, or situation. But having support is always comforting, especially when it is sincere and during a person's darkest moments.

~ Advantages of Comfort ~

When a person is going through any rough and challenging time, comfort is necessary and beneficial to help them overcome the discrepancy in a positive and hopeful way. Many times the problem or issue is not properly dealt with due to lack of comfort or improper comfort received. No matter what type of negative situation a person is experiencing, they need to be comforted in order to have some sense of hope and to get over what has happened in a beneficial way.

There are many different advantages of being comforted and having comfort. Comfort can reduce depression, thoughts of suicide, and can also lower blood pressure. Any type of comfort, no matter how small, can increase feelings of happiness and hopefulness. Comfort can provide a person with feelings of faith and strength when it may seem like it is all too much to handle. People are able to deal with the bad experiences and situations in a more positive way when being comforted, instead of having negative feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and guilt. Offering a person comfort in their time of need can also make the person giving comfort feel needed and important to another person. Even small gestures, like just being there to listen and speaking kind words, is very beneficial to a person during their time of need. The advantages of being comforted during any time of need are emotional, but are also physical and mental. The body and the mind are able to relax and feel less stressed about a situation. Anxiety can be reduced, along with pain and hurt.


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    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 3 years ago from Cali

      Thanks for reading and for commenting on this hub.

    • Amanda108 profile image

      Amanda 3 years ago from Michigan, United States

      Good article! I often seek out things to "comfort" me on days when my depression is particularly bad. Unfortunately I tend to overindulge in my favorites - chocolate, homemade food, and shopping.

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 4 years ago from Cali

      Thanks for reading my hub. Everyone needs comfort in their life.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This is a very important issue for me. Emotional health has always been a trial in my life, and having someone I can turn to that provides comfort has been a challenge. Now that my children are adults, they are usually the first ones I turn to. They will listen and give me words of love and encouragement. I have also found adult women who have become my friends as we have shared life's challenges and provided each other with support and strength. I also use music, nature walks, and warm baths for comfort when I am home by myself.