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The Top 10 Ways to Tell if You are Bulimic

Updated on June 19, 2011


Suffering from bulimia is real and this disorder is producing so many terrible health effects. There is no a standard formula applied to distinguish bulimics from anorexics. However, there are symptoms and signs that you can observe in yourself or a close friend and suspect a terrible bulimia crisis. Knowing what these signs are could assist you distinguish between suffering a bad eating conduct and a fatal condition.


To help you understand these symptoms easily and properly, we will group them in three ways. Each classification will comprise the very major signs you can expect. They include the following.


Physical hints to tell you if you are bulimic – These are signs that you can see on various body parts or feel pain because they exist, and some of them include:

·        Deterioration of teeth enamel, bleeding gums, and other dental cavities issues due to contact with stomach acids.

·        Reproductive issues such as irregular periods in ladies and fertility issues

·        General body weakness,  dehydration, irregular heartbeat, swollen facial and neck glads, stomach ulcers and pains, and sore throat.

·        Rapid weight loss is the most clear sign, plus blisters on the back of fingers used to induce vomiting.

Aside from physical signs listed above, there are expected mental issues that most bulimics exhibit. Good examples include the following.

·        Depression, anxiety, irritability, mood changes, low self worth, and wanting to be alone all the times

·        A person is sensitive about weight loss and too concerned about the physical body size and shape.

·        A crazy obsession toward food or getting slimmer

When a person has bulimia disorder, he or she will show behavioral changes, which comprise the following.

·        Eating a lot of food within a short time and in the odd hours, often the binge episodes, and finding a moment to expel food almost immediately.

·        Always on the look out for weight loss products such as dieting pills and laxatives which the person abuses

·        Strange need for privacy, withdrawal, fasting, extreme exercising, disguising purging habits, skipping meals and so on.


All of the above symptoms whether physical, mental or behavioral can tell you that a person is bulimic and needs immediate help. Perhaps you can also notice them in yourself and is simply in denial. Many people are enduring bulimia nervosa just as you, and are in denial as well. Refusing to seek help is not a good thing because it might cost you life someday and cause you terrible suffering.


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