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The Top 3 Ways To Stop Smoking

Updated on March 31, 2012

In many ways we all have a series of bad habits or vices we stick to on a regular basis. Weather it is smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or another form of self-medication. It allows us to supplement those nervous feelings or give us an accuse to leave a uncomfortable situation. But, no matter what your vice it is possible to stop having to rely on things that are bad for especially smoking.

Cigarettes are one of the most addicting drugs on the face of the earth and it has been known for years yet people including myself continue to smoke. There are many different chemicals in smoking including 250 known chemicals that are deadly. But, that still seems not to detour people from smoking why? Because the body is craving that fix it has so long been accustomed to.

If you are anything like me I have tried every known quitting technique in the book to try and kick the habit for good. Yet, I always come back to those same cancer sticks I have so long smoked. So what is the best way to quit smoking? Well all people are different and in the end some will never quit because they actually like smelling of stale smoke. With most people there are going to be three main ways for an individual to quit.

1. The use of natural Herbal Remedies from Home.

2. Nicotine fighting products, ie, nicotine gum, nicotine patch

3. “Cold Turkey”

All three of these ways have advantages and disadvantages. I have tried personally the nicotine products with some success. I have tried the Cold turkey approach to quitting smoking and currently in the process with natural herbal remedies which is working but slowly.

For every method mentioned above there are good and bad side effects that you will need to address. This is not an easy road to follow believe me and hopefully soon I will be as smoke free as other former smokers.

Truth is quitting smoking is very hard to do alone so having a friend or relative to help keep you in check is sometimes helpful. If you are trying the “cold Turkey approach this is a must for those that want to be successful. But, since “cold Turkey” is also the hardest approach it will not be for most people.

There for we have a couple of other options to explore as well. There are many natural herbal products that you can purchase on line or at your local health food store that allow the natural interception of the nicotine transmitters.

The downside to the nicotine gum, Chantix, or nicotine gum is that it does get pricey after a while and is not feasible for everyone. Most seem very successful for a lot of people yet the flip side of that coin is sometime they are not. Talk with your doctor and see if there is an alternative for you or something similar that will help you control your cravings using similar products.

The biggest thing with cigarettes is the fact that they have been proven over and over again to cause a lot of different types of health problems. So for the sake of watching your children grow up and there children would it not be better to quit. That is defiantly one of my main reasons for taking the herbal route in the quitting process. As well as the tons of money that I am saving on cigarettes alone month by month. There are many different types of support groups available online and within your community check with your local business and see what is available. Because in the long run you will be grateful for every extra minute that you are able to breath.

Figuring out how to stop smoking is something your loved ones will thank you for in the end. If you smoke a lot, then chances are your family and friends are worried about you. The harmful ingredients that are found in cigars will generally do a lot of damage to you in the long run. Be aware that even if a cigarette is supposedly filtered or safe, they really are not any more then the normal ones.


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