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The Top 4 Green Tea Myths Debunked; Myth versus Fact

Updated on September 13, 2015

Green tea recently seems to have gained the reputation of a magic drink. However, the recent and on-going research on green tea seems to suggest that certain benefits attributed to it may have been blown way out of proportion.

To help you differentiate the myth from reality, this article will take a look into the top 4 myths associated with green tea and help you differentiate the myth from the fact.

1) Green Tea Helps You Lose Significant Weight

Let’s begin with having a look at the most common myth associated with green tea i.e. significant weight loss

· Myth

According to this myth, green tea works like a magic potion to help you reduce weight. The popular myth surrounding it suggests that it can help you lose weight without having to switch to a low-calorie and healthy diet. People often believe that no matter what they eat, green tea will magically burn the calories they have consumed and help them lose weight.

· Fact

Contrary to the myth, research seems to suggest that while green tea does help you burn calories and reduce fat accumulation in the body it is quite insignificant as compared to what is believed about it. According to research, the best way to derive weight loss benefits from green tea is to combine it with healthy diet and physical activity.

While clinical trials do suggest that certain compounds in green tea may help prevent fat accumulation in the body yet it cannot be solely relied upon for weight loss purpose.


2) Green Tea is Far More Healthier than Black Tea

This is a popular myth associated with green tea however, let’s dig into the fact regarding this claim

· Myth

A popular belief about green tea suggests that green tea is way healthier than black tea owing to its higher antioxidant content and by virtue of it being not oxidized.

· Fact

The research results and expert opinion however, seem to be a little divided over it and while a part of research suggests that green tea retains more health benefits than black tea, a part of research suggests that black tea is equally beneficial.

Similarly, a part of research is of the opinion that the process of oxidization, attributed to black tea, merely brings about a modification in the flavonoids component of the black tea. However, the antioxidant content and its activity, in black tea, remain unaffected.

Therefore, so far it is safe to conclude that while green tea may have comparatively more health benefits than black tea, these are certainly not significant higher.

Note: The addition of sugar is common in black tea while green tea is largely consumed without sugar with further vitamin C added to it in the form of lemon drops. This change in the way of consumption of the green and black tea is sure to render green tea a healthier drink not by virtue of its nature but by virtue of its consumption style.

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3) You Can Drink as Much Green tea as You Like

Let’s s have a look at another popular myth surrounding green tea related to its consumption amount.

· Myth

This is another popular myth surrounding green tea which suggests that you can consume as much of green tea as you like to take benefits of its weight loss and other benefits. People believe that they can safely drink as much amount of green tea as they want to in order to derive maximum benefits, burn more calories and the accumulated fat.

· Fact

The reality is however, different from the myth surrounding the green tea consumption amount. It is a well know fact that the excessive consumption of anything is bad and can have adverse consequences. The same stands true for excessive green tea consumption as research suggests that excessive consumption of green tea can have adverse impact on metabolism and digestion.

Since, green tea also contains caffeine it is important that you consume it in moderate quantity. Research therefore, suggests that an individual’s daily consumption of green tea should range within 3-9 cups and should not exceed it.

4) Green Tea Has Less Caffeine than Black Tea

Let’s debunk this myth too

· Myth

This popular belief suggests that green tea is less caffeinated than black tea and is therefore, a healthy tea option especially for the ones who want to avoid black tea owing to its rich caffeine content.

· Fact

However, this is but another myth associated with green tea as research suggests that green tea does not seem to have a significantly lower amount of caffeine than black tea. Moreover, there are certain finest green tea varieties from China and Japan which come with higher caffeine content than the black tea.


These are the top 4 myths associated with green tea which this article has debunked in the light of research and expert opinion. Therefore, while you decide to add or continue to enjoy green tea in your daily health regimen, it is good to know what the green tea is actually about and capable of.


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    • mixedfruit4u profile image

      mixedfruit4u 2 years ago

      Mr. Doug Cutler, I totally agree! coffee is my favorite too. Very soon I will elaborate on the health benefits of coffee too....Thanks

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 2 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Just give me my few cups of coffee a day. There are benefits to coffee too.