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The Top Five Reasons Why People Fail

Updated on October 1, 2014

The Top Five Reasons Why People Fail

The title of this article can seem a little misleading, because there are numerous reasons why people fail to achieve their goals in life. However, since most of humanity is pretty much similar in the aspect of human behavior and desire, there are essentially five dominant reasons why most people fail. The discouraging part of this is that most of the time people who suffer from chronic failure are unaware of why this is happening to them. They feel as if their lack of achievement is somehow predestined. The fact is that nothing could be further from the truth. Listed below are the top five reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.

They give up too easy or too early

The biggest reason is that people are not committed to the process or they become discouraged. What many do not realize is that most successful people have experienced numerous failures in their lives. Although there are many extravagantly successful men and women under the age of 35, this is the exception and not the rule. Most people who have arrived have spent many years overcoming obstacles to achieve the success that they possess and rightly deserve. The antidote to this is to never give up. However, if you become discouraged in the process, simply take a sabbatical, recharge, and pick up where you left off. That next effort just may be the time when you crack success wide open.

They set unrealistic expectations

The second reason is that many times people do not have a correct understanding of their own individual gifts and talents. This can go in either direction. They are either over confident and delusional in their abilities or they have no confidence in the abilities that they do have. In addition, they also do not have a correct discernment of the amount of time that it will take to achieve their goals. Tony Robbins teaches in his exceptional book, Awaken the Giant Within, that most of the time people overestimate what they can achieve in a single year and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade. The solution to this is to take a realistic inventory of what you have to offer, and become committed to creating long term goals. Success is a marathon and not a race.

They lack motivation

Although this may seem a little harsh, there are some people who are just simply lazy. They want what successful people have, but they are not willing to do what successful people do. Excuses abound for people such as this, from not having enough time to not having the knowledge and resources that are necessary to achieve their stated goals. A second reason why people lack motivation to achieve success is because they lack the passion and energy needed to propel them forward. The best way to combat these problems is to stop making excuses and to create goals that you are extremely passionate about. A wise man once said that passion is the fuel of progress. Just do it!

They are not specific

In order to be successful in any aspect of life, you must be able to clearly identify what it is that you want out of life. One problem that seems to plague the human race collectively is the propensity to be generally vague. For example, if your goal is to lose weight or be fit you must know how much you want to lose and by what time. If your goal is to be rich, you must have a definite plan for accumulating wealth. Finally, if your goal is to find the man or woman of your dreams, you must be able to identify what that looks like. Specificity produces focus, and focus produces success!

They lack relationships with other people

It is no surprise that the vast majority of people who are successful at achieving their goals have many solid relationships. The old adage that states that “no man is an island” is certainly true when it comes to success. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is an extremely rare occurrence for an individual to become prosperous in their goals without the insight and aid of other people. Almost everybody has something to offer, with the exception of cynical and negative people, in your climb to success. The best advice in this matter is to become more social, learn how to network, and don’t be afraid to ask people for their help. You will be surprised at the response!


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    • Stephen A Brown profile image

      Stephen A Brown 3 years ago

      Thank You, Jasdeep. My hope is that you will be able to use these on your own journey to success, whatever that may look like to you. It is very true that winners act and think differently from the great majority of people.

    • Jasdeep-Singh profile image

      Laddi Singh 3 years ago from (Punjab) India

      Stephen, It’s nice to read an genuine reasons of failure that wasn’t too technical and as put my mind at ease. It is the helpful to every person, who wants to taste the success. I remember the beautiful Quote of Shiv Khera " winners don't do different things,they do things differently". By the way thanks for sharing.