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Top 13 Foods You Should Be Eating To Help Lose Weight!

Updated on February 13, 2013

Getting Started!

It goes without saying that, 'you are, what you eat.' Okay, maybe not in the physical sense, excluding exercise if you eat loads of high fat foods you will become fat. If you exercise and eat healthier you will become thinner. It is simple. Is it not?

Losing weight comes from a combination of determination, motivation, healthy eating and exercise. All of these elements are crucial in there own way. However, here I will be informing you upon the healthy eating side with what foods can help you lose weight, along with numerous tips and ideas to boost the weight loss transition.

There are little things you can do to your diet, just small adjustments which will help you shred off them unwanted pounds. By eating slightly different food than you normally would you are able to change you body for the better.

How Do You Currently Fit In!

How many of these foods do you currently eat in your diet?

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What You Should Be Including In Your Diet To Promote Weight Loss!

Obviously all the foods mentioned from here on, may not be suitable for you body, if you suffer any allergies or simply do not like the foods then obviously do not eat them in pursuit of weight loss, there are plenty here to choose from, so no excuses for not liking some of them!

  1. Eggs - Each morning do you fill yourself will bagels, cereals and toast? Eat eggs for breakfast. They are full protein, this will make you feel much fuller for longer, so you do not snack on them unhealthy snacks in between meals. Eggs have also been proven to reduce spikes in blood sugar, therefore reducing craving as well!
  2. Salad - Before a meal, try eating a medium sized salad or the salad with the food first. (Remember to hold the dressing though) It is proven that eating a salad before, for example pasta, will because ingredients in a salad are full of air, they will make you feel fuller, therefore you will feel too full to pig out on the pasta or pizza. Not only this, salad contains numerous vitamins and minerals which will help fight disease.
  3. Green Tea - This is a reasonably well known one, however the common misconception here is that it is the caffeine which is the slimming ingredient. Instead green tea contains antioxidants called catechins. It is these catechins which help speed up your metabolism and fat burning process. A famous study in Japan, consists of 70 men, half of which drunk green tea and the other half did not for a month, the half that did saw boosted metabolisms, weight lose and a drop in their body mass index compared to those who did not drink it. Green tea is also proven to lower bad cholesterol
  4. Soup - This may not sound too scientific, but a bowl of chicken soup can be very appetite blunting, it will stop hunger craving and allow to not to be peckish for that next unhealthy snack, the reason for this is because the brain perceives the stomach as full, therefore stopping hunger signals. Simple I know.
  5. Pears - Being full of fibre (averaging at 6 grams per pear) they will keep you fuller for longer. It contains pectin fibre which will decrease your blood sugar levels, consequently helping you to avoid snacking between meals. A study in Brazil saw that overweight women who ate three small pears a day lost more weight than women on the same diet, but who ate oat cookies instead of pears.
  6. Olive Oil - This is effectively a monounsaturated fat. It will help the body burn fat by speeding up metabolism. In an Australian study 12 different women were asked to add in olive oil to their diet on a regular basis over the course of a month, the results were that 10 of the women had lost weight, but they all showed signs of a boosted metabolism.
  7. Cinnamon - Simple to incorporate, just sprinkle it over your oatmeal or toast. This will help keep the sugar slumps at bay. It does this controlling the post meal insulin spikes, which make you feel hunger. A U.S. study into the effects of cinnamon resulted in lowered blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels within people who had type 2 diabetes.
  8. Lean Beef - Being high in protein will once again help to stop hunger, as protein is harder to digest then most other macro nutrients. While it can still maintain muscle growth and repair because it has such a low fat content, it will keep you fuller for longer while providing the amino acid leucine to support muscles and recovery.
  9. Hot Red Peppers - Hot peppers contain an ingredient called capsaicin, this helps to suppress hunger greatly. In Japan 13 woman who were given red pepper for breakfast (with their omelets, if memory serves me correctly) were recorded to have a much smaller lunch than they usually would have done.
  10. Tofu - Personally I have never tried it, though I think I should. Even though it seems too light to be feeling because it is filled with protein, it will help you to stay fuller for longer. Even though I have no personal experience with tofu, people speak very highly of its' effectiveness.
  11. Vinegar - Vinegar may seem like it will not have much effect but it is actually a great way to fill yourself up! A Swedish study found that people who ate bread which was dipped into vinegar felt fuller for longer than people who ate their bread plain. This is because vinegar contains acetic acid, this slows the transition of food from your stomach to your small intestine, therefore making you feel fuller for longer. On top of this, if you enjoy the taste then it is an easy addition to any meal.
  12. Almonds - These small filling snack can help maintain your blood sugar at a steady rate. The higher the blood sugar level, then the larger the dip is going to be. So by eating foods such as almonds you can keep it steady, fighting off hunger while you go. Almond can be found in many different foods, but can also be enjoyed on their own.
  13. Wild Salmon - Fish fats are one of the healthiest kinds of fats you can have. Not only do they keep the heart healthy, but they help to shrink your waistline as well! Omega-3 fat acids improve your bodies insulin sensitivity. This will help build muscle and decrease fat. Always try to go for the wild salmon choice, as alternatives will contain more pollutants in them and will have a lower quality of Omega-3.

Just to think about what should be cut out!

Other Elements To Consider!

Eating healthy can be great and the rewards can be just as amazing, how there are a few points which need to be cleared up;

  • Eating healthy will help to lose weight, however if muscle definition is your target then you also need to condition the muscles appropriately for them to be able to growth and become more visible.
  • Exercise will speed up the weight loss process and make you feel great at the same time. By regularly exercising you will burn more calories and see the weight drop off even quicker.
  • Remember portion sizes, it is easy to get carried away thinking something is good for you when really too much of it may cause health problems. For example, eating a vast number of eggs is proven to increase cholesterol.
  • Make breakfast the biggest meal of the day. By doing this, you will delay the effects of hunger longer and be less tempted to snack along the way.

Good luck on your path to weight loss!

If you need even more ideas!


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