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6 Traps That Will Kill Your Weight Loss Program - Best Weight Loss Exercise For Everyone

Updated on November 12, 2013

6 Traps That Will Kill Your Weight Loss Program

In spite of the health problems that being overweight causes, it is still amazingly difficult for the average person to maintain the discipline and willpower they need in order to lose weight. Most people who try to lose weight fail repeatedly. The psychology of weight loss can be very complicated.

Here are a few of the psychological traps which make weight loss difficult.

1 – Losing weight requires changing many ingrained habits.

You usually end up overweight as a result of your habits. Habits that have developed over a long period of time are very difficult to change. They can be changed but doing so requires a great deal of planning and consistent effort. One slip can easily cause a person to revert to old long established habits.

2- Eating is a social activity.

No matter how highly motivated you are to lose weight, most of the people in your social sphere will not be trying to. In fact, some of the people in your social group will probably activity try to discourage your dieting! It makes them feel uncomfortable to see you succeeding at losing weight and it is easier to discourage you than to change themselves.

3- You may be eating for comfort.

Many people lose their appetite when under a great deal of stress. Unfortunately, that group does not include most of the people who end up overweight. In fact, many overweight people eat more and eat worse foods when they are under stress.

4- You measure yourself against other people.

Some people get discouraged when they have been trying to lose weight for a while but see people around them who seem to maintain the right weight easily, without trying. If you have a tendency to become overweight, you will always have to try a little harder than some other people to keep the weight off. The trick is to compare yourself to your past self and not to those other people.

5- Weight loss is not constant.

Weight loss is a process that can take a long time and can happen at different rates at different times. No matter how hard you work or how consistently, your weight loss will plateau at times and you will become discouraged. In spite of the fact that this is common and expected, and almost always resolves itself in time, many people become discouraged and stop dieting.

6- You are embarrassed to exercise in front of others.

This is a factor for many people. They go to the gym and find too many bodybuilder types and they are embarrassed to be exercising around them. First, realize that you don’t have to exercise at the same gym, or any gym at all for that matter. You also don’t have to exercise at the same time they do. In addition, one of the great benefits of starting and exercise program is that you can get results from something as simple as walking and doing some calisthenics. You don’t have to compete with those people in the gym.

There are many psychological factors which present problems when trying to lose weight. Understanding them can be the first step in preventing them from shutting down your weight loss.

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The Top Weight Loss Exercise

Every day we hear about some new miracle weight loss program that allows us to lose pounds per day without doing anything. Many people buy into these in spite of the fact that they already know deep down, instinctively, that exercise is necessary in order to lose weight and maintain the weight loss. This leads us to the question – What is the best exercise for weight loss?

There are many options and we must remember that almost any exercise is better than no exercise at all. One of the best fat burning exercises in terms of absolute tested results is high intensity interval training. If you are rating exercise in terms of results only, this type of exercise does indeed provide the best results. Yet this is NOT the top weight loss exercise!

The reason that high intensity interval training is not the top weight loss exercise is that, although it is very effective most people can not and/or will not keep this program up without quitting or becoming injured. In addition, older people and out of shape people may actually find it dangerous.

The surprising answer to the question of what exercise is best for weight loss is: Walking! There is no other exercise which more people can do consistently and safely.

Exercising consistently over time is the primary factor in successfully losing weight and maintaining weight loss over time. Almost anyone can walk, even people with fairly serious health problems. In addition, walking is easy enough on the body that most people will not suffer from injuries as they do with other exercise programs.

Another benefit of walking is that no special equipment is needed. You can walk in almost any type of clothing and shoes. There is no requirement to pay for a trainer or for a gym membership. The most difficult part is making time to do it.

Walking is a simple and low impact way to burn calories. Most people can easily build up to walking for even hours at a time! Walking for hours is not necessary in order to lose weight but the more the better. If you have been completely inactive, you will still need to build up to it but walking is so low impact that doing so is not difficult. You should, of course, still consult with your doctor before you begin your exercise program but most people will have no trouble getting started.

Of course as you get in better shape, you are able to walk more briskly and get better results, but one benefit of being out of shape is that almost any exercise will start getting results. Walking has been proven to be almost as good as running at helping fat loss. Although exercising intensely burns more calories than low intensity exercise, low intensity exercise burns a higher percentage of calories from body fat so the results are nearly the same. The only drawback is that you have to exercise longer.

Your body is designed for walking. Using walking as exercise makes sense. The key is to get started and to increase the intensity slowly over time so that you are able to exercise without injury. The results will be amazing.

Effective Quick Weight Loss for Ordinary People

The best way to lose weight is to have patience and change your lifestyle slowly. In spite of that, people who want to lose weight are barraged by ads from scammers pushing miracle weight loss pills, potions and programs that never end up working. Yet some people do still need to lose a few pounds quickly for perfectly valid reasons. Maybe you have a wedding or high school reunion or some similar event coming up and just didn’t get started on your diet in time. Maybe you have an exam for a life insurance policy and need to drop a few pounds in a hurry. There are countless reasons that you simply need to lose weight quickly.

Keeping in mind that slower is better when it comes to maintaining the weight you lose, and the quicker you lose it the more likely the weight lost will be water and not just fat, there are healthy ways to accomplish your goals.

The easiest way to lose weight very quickly is to shed your excess water weight. This quick weight loss will not last, but if your deadline is approaching fast this may be your only choice. This is what wrestlers and boxers do in order to “make weight” for their events. This technique can be dangerous when taken to the extremes used by fighters, but there is a way that non-fighters can do this without ruining their health.

Fighters will dehydrate themselves in a dangerous manner by spending time in saunas or working out wearing a sweatsuit. However, these drastic methods are not necessary for the average person trying to get rid of a few pounds in a hurry.

When the average person is eating a “normal” diet, their body will store carbohydrate to use as energy later. With every gram of carbohydrate, their body will normally store 2 grams of water to go along with it. As a result of this process, the average person has 5 to 20 pounds of “extra weight” in storage on average. Keep in mind that this extra glycogen and water is not needed in order to maintain healthy body function.

If you have only a week or two to lose weight, the fastest way to get results is to get rid of the carbohydrate you have stored up for energy and the water stored along with it. (This is also a great way to get your body into more permanent fat burning, but that is a different topic.) There are two ways to do this. The first is to limit the carbohydrate in your diet. This forces your body to use the carbohydrate it has stored for future use. Concentrate on eating meat and fibrous vegetables and you won’t have to substantially limit your calories in order to accomplish this. Avoid any starchy foods. One way to keep track of this is to avoid most any food that is white or could be white when prepared. This includes bread, potatoes, rice and similar foods. One exception to the “white food” rule is cauliflower.

The next step in this process if you want to increase the speed of your weight loss is to exercise. Don’t go to the lengths fighters do and work out in the sauna or wearing a sweatsuit, but if you are already in shape enough to do so, then try fast walking or running and sweat a little to speed up the process.

These steps will help you to lose fat fast without damaging your health.


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