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The True Fountain of Youth

Updated on October 25, 2017

Just Smile


"Pleasure is the only thing to live for. Nothing ages like happiness." - Oscar Wilde

You are passing by and what do you know, after all the myths and stories, there it is, the fountain of youth. A little voice coming from the water telepathically speaks to you. Intead of telling you to jump in, you are told to simply submerge your eyes and ears to what it has to say. Follow this and you will have unlocked the true door to eternal youth.


-Eliminate Alcohol, Smoking, Caffeine & Other Bad Consumptions-

Nothing ages a person like constant indulgence in something that is bad for your body. Many know the reputation of subjecting your body to these substances, and avoiding them completely would be best if you want to maintain a healthy and youthful glow externally and feel better naturally within. As with any legal (or nonlegal) substance intake, it is a matter of choice, but many people who sway away from these temptations tend to be a lot better in the long run. The benefit from keeping a clean and pure body system far outweighs any temporary relief from these substances.

Tip: Try substituting with healthier alternatives and keep any caffeine or alcohol low if any at all. Non-smoking is still the best option. For those who are smokers that have a hard time quitting, seek help from someone who can encourage development of will-power towards quitting, and do not hesitate to try the alternatives (gum, patch etc) to keep cravings at bay. You will not regret it.


-Eat Healthy-

I know we hear this all the time but I must emphasize, once again, the truth about healthy eating. Certain foods can make us feel sluggish, while healthier, natural foods can boost energy thus increasing our ability to be more active. By eating healthy, specifically staying true to our personal diet needs and contributions, we make make our bodies healthier, more youthful and refreshed.

Tip: Everyday, strive to substitute artificial foods and drinks for natural foods and drinks. Also drink more water and increase a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meats, grains and breads. Seek the food pyramid for further assistance, and a nutritionist for more in-depth diagnosis for personal dietary needs.



Cleanliness is the expression of pride and appreciation for the temple, which is our body, home or any environment that is kin to mother earth. A clean body ushers in a clean perspective, and people around you will appreciate it as well. By taking the time to clear your personal space and clean your body outside as well as in, you are constantly rejuvenating and purging toxins that we may pick up throughout the day.

Tip: Sea salt baths, refreshing sage and any other natural chemical-free products for the body is best for everday use. Make sure to clear the space in your home. The less clutter the better and consider detox for the body by again drinking lots of water choosing green leafy foods.


-Sleep & Relaxation-

A good night rest or "beauty sleep" again leads to a more energized waking life, clearer mind and stabilized emotional health. Take naps, go to sleep earlier some nights and make sure to get at least 7-8 hours asleep daily. Even though many people claim that they are able to function on 3 hours, it does not make it the best idea. Take time to relax and slow down to focus on breathing and quieting the mind. From what I hear, it will certainly pay off during later years. A well rested body means a more productive day and greater hours added to the day because more is accomplished, calmly and efficiently. Take the natural wisdom from newborn babies and allow yourself the rest your body deserves.

Tip: Time management is the key to any consistent sleep schedule. Eliminate distractions and make time for priorities early in the day to ensure a relaxed winding down ritual in the evening or whenever you get the opportunity to sleep prior to work or other obligations. Also take quiet moments during the day to rest and meditate (clear the mind) and feel detached from obligations so that it can be approached with better energy minus the worry. Think about the times when you were young and embrace the sense of freedom, but with the maturity of an adult.



In conjunction with healthy eating and sleep, exercise is a natural energizer that keeps our bodies functioning well. No matter what age, you will still feel young. Incorporate a good cardio workout such as running, flexibility such as yoga, and strength training such as weight lifting, to have a balanced workout that increases stamina and makes your body more limber and strong. For those insomniacs, you may also find yourself sleeping better at night.

Tip: Each day strive to incorporate walking instead of driving short distances, take a yoga class or enroll in an at-home work out class. You don't even have to invest in any equipment, as long as you keep your body fine-tuned in all of these areas listed above. Every day tasks can become a mindful exercise.


-Allow Yourself to Laugh & Indulge in Youthful Play-

I find that people who have a great sense of humor appear to be very young at heart,and this seems to flow into their physical appearance. Laughter relieves stress and makes you feel better. Seriousness is often associated as being the true hallmark of maturity and adulthood, but I feel that expressing a sense of humor from time to time shows that you do not have to take things too seriously despite adult pressures and adolescent worries, which actually keeps you sane in a stressful world. Allow yourself to let loose and be free as a child. Maturity, in my definition, equates to the ability to embrace a youthful nature while being responsible. In fact, being around children can make many young and older adults much more child-like and easy going. Cling to your inner child and allow yourself to feel young during those maturing years.

Tip: Allow yourself to laugh, watch cartoons, and being around children is not only rewarding but freeing to rigid responsibility. Examinine the spontaneity of a child and witness again the days of youth that becomes reincarnated within each progressive year.


-Think Youthful Thoughts-

They say "You are what you eat", but the saying, "You are what you think", also holds true for each of us in all aspects of how we view our life. By acknowledging that aging does not mean relinquishing beauty or stamina, but is a cultivation of maturity, wisdom and rejuvenation within ourselves, we become better equipped to live without the negative factors or expectations associated with illusions of time in our society.

Tip: Use daily positive affirmations about the internal and external views of self and learn to appreciate all of you. Most importantly, live and determine who you are by where you have been and where you would like to be instead of where you feel you are suppose to be or look like based on society. You alone make the determination of how you go about living through every stage of life. If there are goals that have not been reached, know that age is never a limit to you achieving the ideal self and circumstance. Be realistic and be optimistic. Positive thinking attracts a better outlook which others will become attracted to no matter what age. Live in the present and appreciate who you are now.

Youth is a physical, mental, emotional, and for many, considered a spiritual state of being. Although we can not turn back time, we can make choices that allow ourselves to enjoy the perks of youth as we embrace adulthood. In truth, there is no age limit to achieving and keeping health and happiness. Follow all of these suggestions and you will discover this happiness with age in every way possible, and others will notice it too.

© 2011 Latasha Woods


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