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The True Secret to Health, Long Life, and Beauty

Updated on April 26, 2013

People are always looking for ways to live long. They look for sure-fire ways to staying slim, and always struggle for beauty. When looking at those commercials (and I don't mean those commercials with the ultra-thin supermodels endorsing whatever brand name product or some new fast food menu item), or listening to your health teacher, or P. E. coach, the answers to it all are very clear.

There are just four or more general things to remember when living healthy, feeling great, and looks come to mind. They are: daily cleanliness; a daily balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grain, and meat; daily exercise; and, obviously, LIVE DRUG AND ALCOHOL-FREE.

It's so obvious that daily hygiene is important both when it comes to looks, and when it came to being healthy. By keeping clean, brushing your teeth and taking a shower everyday, all those acne-causing dirt, grime, and germs will be washed away so that your face stays pretty another day. Disease-causing bacterias will have a hard time sticking to you what with you being squeaky-clean and all.

A balanced diet means a controlled intake of food, which in turn, leads to less likely becoming obese. Fruits and vegetables enhance our immune system, and grain can keep our hearts strong. It is always an option to become vegan or carnivore. Just make sure that what you eat will provide ALL vitamins, minerals, and protein that you need to survive. Your immune system could definitely use the help that fruits and vegetables can provide. It is always better to keep things moderate, be it meat, vegetables, or something else. Eating too much is just as damaging as eating too little. Healthy eating can also help the brain, make them smart, or at least a bit more active.

Exercise is the way to go. It keeps those fluids running. And your heart will thank you for it. By exercising, you keep your weight in check, and sweat will clean out any dirt or particles from your skin. And to all you boys out there: why do you think jocks are so popular? To all you gals: if you're thinking about thinning out, the real secret is exercising; not special diets, or some miracle pill. Even nerds should get out there and exercise. Can't make the world a better place without a healthy heart as well as a healthy mind.

This final tip, and this one you must know since childhood, that will help guide you to a long, healthy life, is TO STAY DRUG AND ALCOHOL FREE! It is so obvious that drugs and alcohol will not make you look cool. In fact, it leads to the opposite. Guys and girls that try it will ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY turn into creatures more hideous than the hunchback of Notre Dame. And, hello, it's thanks to drugs and alcohol, that a lot of people get cancer. The only reason that women are likely to live longer than guys is because it was mostly the guys that keep drinking alcohol and smoking those poisonous cigarettes.

You absolutely must stay strong when it came to this kind of stuff. There is NO yes to taking drugs. There can be NO first time. There is NO trying it "only once." If you want to be free of drugs, then there can be only NO.

You can't live healthy and long through just one way. One way without the others, is about as useless as watching TV without electricity. All four mentioned are just pieces that ABSOLUTELY MUST come together to make THE whole.


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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 3 years ago from Hawaii


    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Great lessons in healthy living and solid advice for those seeking help. Much peace.

    • profile image

      Sathish 5 years ago

      Good one :)