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The True Secret to Losing Weight (the Right Way)

Updated on September 6, 2012

The diet industry is a $60+ Billion dollar a year industry; coupled with exercise programs, machines, gym memberships, and personal training, an average of 30% of Americans are actively on a diet and hope to lose weight.

This comes at no shock as to why people want to diet and exercise; health, beauty, and social acceptance are generally at the top of the list, but it’s interesting to find that despite all the resources available in the market, many people that start a regiment of diet and exercise nearly always fail.

Perhaps it’s not the individual that’s at fault. Maybe it’s the industry, as a whole. In this article, you will learn thetruesecret of losing weight (the right way) that doesn’t require expensive gym memberships, fad diets, or over-hyped fitness programs.

At the Core: Diet is Everything

Without a doubt, diet makes up the vast majority of why you lose weight.

The nutrients you take in have a direct correlation to your overall health and physical appearance. Unfortunately, we live in a society that thrives on the “convenience” factor; where it’s easier to go out to eat because of time restrictions than stay at home and cook.

We, Americans, are eating processed foods at unprecedented levels. Additionally, Americans are constantly snacking due to the ease of access to sweets, flavored beverages, grains, fast food, and the likes. Processed foods contain a wide concoction of processed oils, ingredients, chemicals, and flavoring, all of which can’t be properly processed by our bodies.

Likewise, our over consumption with convenient foods has taken away the essential budgeting and portion control that comes from home cooking. Sure, a person can control their food intake when going out to eat but this is rarely the case.

The other element of failure for those dieting is this fascination with fad diets that promise incredible weight loss with very little work. Truth be told, losing weight takes real sacrifice to see long-term results.

Remove a large portion of eating on the go, snacking, flavored beverages and processed foods, and the average American will see a dramatic change in their weight loss and gain.

The Correct Way to Diet

Every year, millions of Americans choose to set New Years goals of dieting to lose weight. The first month is generally exciting which has individuals buying healthy foods, avoiding snacking, and controlling their portions but this abruptly ends when it becomes too much of a hassle to continue.

The correct way to approach dieting is to think of the diet as a complete change of the eating habits rather than a temporary experiment.

A diet should be seen as a complete lifestyle change; the food that will be consumed for the diet should be seen as what the individual will eat for the rest of their life. The beauty of this mindset is that it allows the diet to be flexible so people don’t cheat and becomes manageable for their budgets and time.

The diet should factor in moments of going out with friends, parties, random dinner invites and other small factors that would otherwise throw off the diet. Calorie counting and portion control becomes a large element of this lifestyle, diet change. The ability to understand one’s limits in their eating habits will naturally allow them to diet without the feeling of it forced upon them.

The Body is the Exercise Temple

No doubt, exercise equipment and programs can certainly have a massive effect on exercising and weight loss but people grossly over estimate the commitment behind exercising which results in them dropping the program or filling their garage with unused equipment.

The reality (and secret that no one wants to say) about exercise is that the body, at its core, is the temple and everything you need to lose weight. Your natural weight can be used to your advantage when trying to lose weight; common, “boring” exercise routines are often the most effective.

As an example, many people find themselves bouncing between multiple exercising programs and equipment in hopes to lose weight as effectively as possible. People can easily exercise using their bodies and basic exercise workouts such as interval training (walking & sprinting), squats, weight lifting, pushups, crunches, sit ups, biking, walking, and many other, freely available options. There really isn’t a need to purchase high end gym memberships and exercise equipment.

Most Americans can begin losing large amounts of weight by simply being more active. The culture in America has shifted toward entertainment and service which puts everyone in front of the television, driving everywhere, and having others do the work for them. Instead, Americans should go out of their way to walk more often, do sporadic movements, and keep busy than dropping in front of a screen and calling it a night.

Bringing It All Together

Everything combined; a diet based on a lifestyle change and staying active is the secret to weight loss.

You may be shaking your head saying “that’s no secret” but it seems to be information that the vast majority of Americans have disregarded for flashier, fad programs and promises of major weight loss.

As it was stated earlier, weight loss requires sacrifice but doesn’t have to come with a negative connotation behind each; diet can be enjoyable when it’s a lifestyle change, where as exercising is just being more active and exploring the world.


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