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The Truth About "Burn Fat" Products

Updated on February 12, 2011

Many people have been duped by false advertising all that we see in the media, and forced to believe any of the following lies: 

"No need to change your diet or exercise, one takes this new supplement" 
"We need a fat burner to effectively lose weight" 
"Take this new burning fat and lose 2 kilos a week" 
This could not be further from the truth. 

The reality is that 95% of fat burning products are worthless. 

Most of them are made from ingredients that have not been scientifically proven in their ability to increase metabolism and reduce body fat, and just sold making false and unsubstantiated promises. 

On the other hand, is very common to see models, both men and women appear in advertising for these products, making us think that they achieved their physical appearance to such product, making even this deception even more effective. 

The other 5% of SI products have ingredients that increase metabolism and thermogenesis, which typically contain caffeine and / or green tea extract, which are two compounds that have been proven in its ability to increase fat burning, However, the thermogenic effect you gain from taking these products is relatively small, except that they sell at inflated prices that makes you pay much more than what they really worth the product's active ingredients as they come with many ingredients not involved in additional burning fat and only used to better sell the product. 

Important Note: Not included the burning fat with ephedrine as the main ingredient in the former group and the ephedrine was removed from the U.S. market due to high health risks caused by the consumption, so I do not recommend at all to consume these products if they are legally available for sale in the country you live. 

Now, suppose you find a product in a store fat burning green tea extract as an active ingredient and are willing (a) to pay the price at which they sell ... 

Studies indicate that green tea extract, consumed in sufficient quantities, has the potential to raise metabolic rate and thermogenesis in an average of 75 calories in a span of 24 hours. 

This means that by taking this product you can burn 75 calories more per day doing nothing. 

Now, those 75 calories are worth the high price of these products cost? In my opinion, no. If these provisions (a) to make some of the following simple activities each day, managed to burn 75 additional calories without spending any supplement: 

Reduce your caloric intake by 75 calories - This results in as little as one slice of bread. 
15 minutes of walking at a normal pace 
Walk your dog for 15 minutes 
Iron (30 minutes) 
Wash your car (15 minutes) 
Suck (15 minutes) 
If you can integrate some of these activities into your daily life while on a weight loss program, you can be burning extra calories without spending any extra, plus it's much healthier to burn calories by exercising your body by an external stimulus metabolism.


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