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The Truth About Cortisone Creams For Eczema

Updated on August 12, 2013

If you ever happen to suffer from eczema, I’m sure you would check out the doctors to see what the guy has to say. Cortisone creams.

9 out of 10 times, the number one recommendation by doctors of Western medicine will prescribe you with cortisone creams. In fact, almost every knowledgeable eczema patient knows what this is.

Cortisone creams are the “magic fix” that work miraculously fast on sealing up wounds and stopping the eczema itches. However, the main problem with this drug is, the main ingredient behind why it works is due to its content of steroids.

There are mixed views about whether to use these creams or not, let me tell you the truth today.

How Do Cortisone Creams Work?

Cortisone creams work because they are composed of a range of chemicals including a steroid that behaves exactly like the one our body has.

Why does the drug have to manipulate our body’s hormones? Because, the almost instant way to stop itches and all the problems associated with eczema is by disabling the hormone that regulates inflammatory responses.

Eczema is classified for its abnormal inflammatory behaviours.

Cortisone creams work by blocking them out so those signals never get to the destination, and your skin never receives the urge to scratch those itchy eczema.

Using Cortisone Creams: Problems You’ll Face…

1. You Can Get Addicted

As soon as you stop the drugs, after several days, your skin problems will always come back, and as a matter of fact, the symptoms of your eczema will be several times worse than before.

Heck, they’ll even spread to more places!

2. You’ll Develop Tolerance

The longer you use the drugs, the easier it is for your body to get used to it.

The longer you use, the higher doses and stronger doses you’ll need.

Waste of money.

3. You’ll Always Have Eczema

Cortisone creams only temporarily stop the problem. Your eczema will always remain and come back if you stop the drugs.

You NEED to cure the problem outright by treating its root cause.

Did you know there are unconventional cures?

Well I do, other than using Western medicine for your skin problems, let me show you the several alternative treatments for eczema that can clear up your inflammation.

Should I Use Them For My Eczema?

Yes, I agree, using cortisone creams work. But, there’s a problem.

The problem with using steroids is that the drug only temporarily suppresses the normal functioning of your hormones that are meant to take place.

You’re simply disrupting your body’s natural balance by blocking it. Steroids will give you a magically fast fix, but they don’t eliminate the problem via its root cause.

Steroids MASK the symptoms.

To give you a solid answer: No. Don’t use steroidal drugs.

The Truth About Cortisone Creams For Eczema

It works, for as long as you use it.

But those weeks of happiness will be followed by several months of torture.

The truth is, don’t use steroids.


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