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The Truth About Love Handles: They are Hard to Lose!

Updated on November 12, 2011

If you were unlucky enough to be afflicted with one of the worst scourges known to mankind, aka love handles, you have my sympathy!

As a fellow love handle sufferer, I know all too well how unforgiving and hellish these things can be to eradicate.

And it's not like I haven't tried my best to lose them.

Going to the gym at least six days a week; toiling, sweating, and suffering through countless cardio sessions; hoisting piles of weight in the weight room, and throwing in some calisthenics/plyometrics for good measure.

And they are still here.

And the diet. I drastically reduced my dietary intake, even dabbling with vegetarianism for over two months.

I cut my meal portions down, eliminated sugary, fried, and empty-calorie foods in favor of unprocessed, healthful fare.

And for the last two months, I did the low carbohydrate thing.

And I did see results. My weight fell from about 190-pounds to a low of 167-pounds, and at about 5'10", that was well within a healthy weight range.

My face became gaunt; my legs stick-like. And I started to see the outline of the much-coveted "six pack" abs, something I've never had. In street clothes, I looked down right skinny.

But there was a problem!

I carried mounds of flesh on my sides that, despite my herculean workout/dietary regimen, refused to budge.

My love handles seemed to love me a little too much; like an obsessed lover who doesn't get the hint, no matter how blunt or abrasive you get.

I could literally pinch large gobs of fat on my sides, even when the rest of me was thin. Even after all my hard work, I was still self-conscious about going topless.

And after pondering my love handle predicament, I have come to realize that I have three viable options.

1.) I could try to lose even more weight. As hard as I had to work and as much as I had to sacrifice to get the scale to read 167, I would have to take things further.

2.) I could just accept the fact that I was cursed with a genetic fat distribution pattern that, for all intents and purposes, would make it all but impossible to have a tight, lean midsection.


3.) I could find a good plastic surgeon and have these dastardly things sucked out. After all, liposuction, the vacuming out of recalcitrant fat deposits, was designed for people like me who diet and exercise regularly but still have these fatty areas that don't respond.

And that's it. Three viable options.

Number one doesn't seem so appealing. Truthfully, I'm tired. I'm very, very tired of working out and avoiding all the good foods out there.

But the main problem with option 1 is physical; my body craves a nice long rest. I feel beat up! Exercising like a fiend six days a week for months at a time gets overwhelming!

And what makes option 1 even more unappealing is that I'm surrounded by friends and acquaintances that don't work out half as much or as hard as I do yet still seem to be able to eat more than I do while maintaining a lean body weight.

That is frustrating as can be. It's hard to lead such a spartan existence when your close associates are enjoying the good life while staying lean and exercising sporatically.

Option 2 will be hard psychologically since it will involve my acknowledging defeat. This option is akin to me waving a tiny white flag and shouting, "I surrender"! That's a blow to my already fragile ego.

Option 3, however, intrigues me. How tempting it would be to plunk down a few thousand dollars and have these pockets of abdominal fat sucked out for good! Gone! Forever!

The more I think about it, the more attractive option 3 seems. I mean, I've put in the work; I've trained and trained and sweated; I've dieted, dieted, and avoided culinary pleasures -- and STILL the darn problem is here!

I realize many people have this misguided notion of liposuction being an easy out, a quick fix for folks without the dedication or will to follow a strict diet and workout regimen.

And while many people fall into that category, there are many who don't. Some people are simply programmed genetically to carry and maintain fat accumulations in disproportionate amounts on their bodies.

And those are the folks that liposuction is designed to treat.

Hmmm. Anyone know of a good plastic surgeon?


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