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The Truth About Pilates Equipment And Machines

Updated on March 23, 2013

There are Pilates equipment that are small and portable, easy to store at home or in a makeshift studio and there are those that are often used in the gyms and professional studios. Here are some of the Pilates equipment that may initially intimidate you, but when tried and tested appropriately, they can become one’s passion.

Pilates Reformer

1. One popular Pilates equipment is the Pilates Reformer. Created originally by Joseph Pilates who reportedly used to help wounded soldiers in World War 1 using the springs of hospital beds, Pilates reformers became a mainstay in known Pilates studios. A Pilates reformer looks like a bed with a sliding carriage on it. At the end of the equipment’s frame is a set of spring that pulls back the carriage when the practitioner pulls it away in an exercise routine. It also has a footbar on the other end of the frame making the Pilates student move up and down the frame using his or her feet or hands. A Pilates

Reformer’s versatility can actually make a person work out whether he’s sitting, standing or lying down. Most reformers though don’t come cheap but if you’re really determined to have one at home then it would be best that you invest on a professional instructor as well, at least initially, so as to lessen the chances of irreversible personal or equipment damages.

Pilates Chair

2. A Pilates Chair is another well-known Pilates machine that Joseph Pilates designed. Though there are a number of variations todayincluding those with sporty looks that are offered to the mainstream, a Pilates chair’s primary purpose is to strengthen one’s core, arms and legs. It trains your body using resistance and a variety of Pilates exercises. While the chair is evolving into much more complex designs today, its primary purpose is to add extra resistance and challenge to the movements you already know, thereby strengthening your core muscles , legs and back even further. The traditional versions of Pilates chairs can also be used as furniture and can function as normal chairs.

Pilates Cadillac

3. A Pilates Cadillac looks like a massage bed with horizontal bars and trapeze on it. Make no mistake as it is sturdy and strong supporting a practitioner doing a routine in one end of the bar.

He/she can stay on top of a Pilates Cadillac for an hour or more having countless movements. With the Pilates Cadillac’s design, one can’t just run out of exercises easily. A practitioner can do the mat exercises on top of the Cadillac mat or hang and twist across the horizontal bars. The resistance bands add challenges to the already challenging piece of equipment.

Pilates Barrel

4. A Pilates barrel is designed to increase flexibility, endurance, breathing and coordination. The barrel device is especially helpful to those suffering with lower and back pain through gentle stretches of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae.

Pilates Arc

5. The Pilates Arc is a light weight design of the Pilates barrel. It can be used as it is or can become a good supplementary with your Pilates Reformer. Though its weight is barely 4 pounds, the exercises that you can associate with the Pilates Arc make it more versatile and famous.

Though it is possible to achieve maximum results with these 5 Pilates equipment, it all boils down to your willingness to be transformed.

The truth is, you can already do a lot of Pilates exercises using the mat and the exercise ball. But if you really would like to further your training, these devices will allow you to achieve the maximum health and fitness benefits that mats and exercise balls can’t give, provided they’re correctly done.


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