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The Truth about Acai Berry Supplements

Updated on April 20, 2011

Health Supplements

These days no one eats the right kind of nutritious food that one is supposed to. The changing lifestyles have a major part to play in this and so we turn to health supplements to make up for the loss of nutrition in our primary food sources.

That's when we suddenly hear of all these miraculous rain forest fruits that are so jam packed with vitamins and minerals that even if we pop one health supplement a day it will meet all our body's nutrition needs.

On one level we wonder if that's really possible. This is the healthy skepticism that most of us should have about anything that is touted as a one point solution to all your problems. And on another level we think, what's the harm in giving it a try? After all it can't really harm me even if it does not help.

The Acai Berry Weightloss Diet

Here we try and take a look at one such health supplement made out of the acai berry. So what is this small purple fruit with a big pit and little pulp all about? Is it really the health miracle that it is often touted to be or is it just another scam.

With the number of acai berry scams doing the rounds on the internet you need to be really on your guard. A number of acai berry diets are being sold as the healthiest way to lose weight. This is naturally not true. You can lose weight in any number of ways that are equally healthy.

There are also not too many independent research results that acai berry for weight loss is indeed a good idea. Most companies will quote research done by them on acai berries in-house and this can not be the most trusted source of information.

Buying acai berry supplements is easy specially with the number of websites online urging you to buy from them, but is it the best thing to do? Independent reviews on Acai Berry have been mixed. Some people found that the supplements did indeed help them with their antioxidant properties, but at the same time they did not really help with the kind of miraculous weight loss that is being associated with them.

Acai Berry Supplements

There may not be any direct link between acai berry and weight loss but there is no doubt that the little natural acai berry is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Like any of its relatives from the berry family the acai berry also has a cleansing effect on the human digestive system.

It may not be as drastic and immediate as the advertisers of the products claim, but yes some supplements can be good for you. Of course the best thing to do is eat whole foods that give you the nutrition first hand. After all eating the fruit fresh is much better than popping a pill.

Of course if you are in an area where it is difficult to get access to fresh fruits and vegetables, health supplements and fruit juices may be a good idea for you to indulge in. In which case it may not be a bad idea to do some research on the different health supplements available to see what suits your nutrition needs best.


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    • cashmere profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      I've not seen health supplements make too much of a difference to weight loss but yest they do give you some extra energy boosts to get you through a stressful day better.


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