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The Truth of the Uninsured in America

Updated on May 7, 2010

I Don't Know What the Solution is

At the age of 26, I officially became an orphan. In the span of a little over 10 years I had lost both my parents. My mother died from a heart attack at 52 and my father from cancer at 58. The sad thing is that they didn't have to die so young or so quickly. Both of them had little to no health insurance when my sister and I were growing up.

Sure, some people could argue to me that they could take a part of the blame in their deaths, maybe they didn't take as good a care of themselves as they should have, they should have figured out a way to have heath insurance, etc. My argument to that would be, this is the United States of America, we have a right to live however we chose as long as we don't hurt everyone else....we have a right to live, why doesn't living include access to health care when you aren't the richest person in the world or the poorest? I have heard that every 24 minutes that someone dies from lack of health care, that 46 million people don't have medical insurance. 8 out of 10 working class Americans can't afford insurance. I think that it is kinda sad that in "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" that we don't take care of our own.

Do I think President Obama has the "universal health care" issue handled, I am not so sure. I think he needs points for trying, caring for people that need to be cared about. People shouldn't die and be in fear of dying. I know that I miss my parents both very deep, still to this day. I wish they had the chance to live into their old age.

The only think I know is, we all need to have health care made available to all in this country. No parent, like mine, should make the choice between health care or dying young! Their health or their child's health. Right now, due to a lay off, I lost my health care insurance. I won't lie, I kinda live in fear of my parents fate sometimes. I am gonna be 33 in exactly 1 day. I don't have kids or a husband yet. I just would hate to think that this period without could cause something bad to happen to me later. The sins of the parent I suppose don't always befall the child.


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