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The Two Ingredients Two Create Success in Any Area of Your Life

Updated on July 6, 2017

Just try to imagine what the reaction would be to the parent who goes to the public pool with their small infant, walks to the deep end of the pool and simply tosses the child in and yells out to them, "swim now". Those witnessing this would be diving in the pool to save the child and calling the police to arrest the parent!

Most people understand the proper way to teach a child to swim and those who do not will make the effort to learn. For starters, you want to have them gain a feeling of comfort being in the water and also a feeling for having their head under the water. Once they start to get comfortable doing this, the next step may be spending some time in floaties and gaining a comfortable feeling enjoying that experience. It may then soon be time to move on to holding and then releasing them as they swim away from the parent to the wall of the swimming pool. You continue doing this again and again until they are feeling completely comfortable with the entire procedure. All of these persistent efforts will help make certain the child involved will be safe in the water moving forward and confident in their ability to deal with any disrupting situations that may ever come up.

The same thought process will apply in the young person seeking to learn how to hit the ball in the sport of baseball. They may begin by hitting a ball off of a standing tee to get themselves comfortable swinging the bat level and making contact with the ball. The next step may involve hitting balls thrown from a machine before finally moving ahead to those being thrown by a fellow human being. It is usually only after one has taken these specific steps that they realize their inherent value. They understand completely how if they had chosen to go directly at the beginning to facing live pitching being thrown at them, they certainly would have faltered and most likely ceased to continue moving ahead.

There is a procedure we place our children in when it comes to their education. They start the process in kindergarten, move ahead to elementary school and then onto middle school, high school and college. This process may last anywhere between 16 and 19 years until they gain that sought after degree they are chasing after. When it does come to the field of education, this is not a process we would ever challenge. This is true for our children and for others. We so want them all to succeed that we will anxiously applaud all their accomplishments every step of their journey. When they do run into a barrier of any sort, we will encourage them to continue onward and point out to them that the road to success is often hampered with various pitfalls and roadblocks that have to be overcome. At these times, reminding them that it took Thomas Edison more than 10,000 tries before he made the discovery of electricity work and that the world's greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan, had been cut from his high school team, may help them deal with any difficulties they may be encountering. The reason it becomes so important to remind people of these realities is because it is so very easy to become impatient with ourselves and with our progress in our latest efforts. And very often, with the impatience being exhibited in one's efforts, a negative feeling of ineptitude will also become a part of the process.

The question is often asked "are there those who are so naturally fluent and able that they seem to soar to the very top in an instant"? The answer here is yes, but they are few. Do some people have the ability to deal with a serious issue such as withdrawing from drugs, drinking or smoking? Again, the answer is yes! But it is so important to understand that even though these things are in fact possible, the reality is that for the one accomplishing the feat, there are literally hundreds that are failing. Only a minor number of individuals can skip the regular learning step process that the majority of individuals MUST take to gain the success they are seeking.

The fact of the matter is that good patience and continued persistence are the keys to becoming good or great at something. The patience will help one to understand that they are visiting new territory for themselves and that they are going to have to deal with and overcome different hurdles to reach their intended goal. Persistence becomes involved here in helping them to make the consistent efforts needed to overcome any of these hurdles.

The question often comes up, "is there any possible way to speed up the process and get us where it is we want to go"? The answer is an unequivocal "YES"! To get some great direction, you can read books on the issue. You can seek the services of a coach expert in this particular area. You can seek out any strategies, tools or tips related to your goal and incorporate them in your efforts. And of course, you can try to totally immerse yourself in reaching your intended goal.

One important factor to always keep in mind through the better times and the difficult times is the importance of us setting proper expectations and goals to be reached. Not doing this right is a set-up for failure. Think of the individual who decides they want to lose weight. They go on a diet, begin working out, go on for a week and only lose one pound so they get disgusted and quit. They did not reach their goal of losing five pounds in a week so they simply quit! These individuals forgot how it was they achieved their goals in the past. Had they remembered or gave thought to how they learned to ride a bicycle, they would have a whole different perspective. They started that effort with training wheels on the bike. When these were removed they had the help and guidance of a parent or other adult to hold them for hours until they gained proper balance and could move ahead on their own finally.

The truth of the matter is that the route to success is truly a step-by-step process. You follow this procedure and continue your selected efforts until they become a part of you. The last thing you ever look for is to take any short cuts in this ongoing effort.

Let's say you do want to lose weight. Instead of beginning a diet and then going to the gym everyday and pouring intensely into working out, you decide instead to begin with 20 push ups, 20 air squats and 20 crunches each day along with a 15 minute walk in the evening. You follow this for a week or two and it begins to feel much simpler and easy to handle. You then begin to up the work out and remove some other entries from your regular diet that are hurting you and putting on the weight. These smaller but consistent steps will place you on the road and in the direction you will want to proceed.

The key here is that we make ourselves take a realistic approach to what it is we are seeking to do, set realistic goals we seek to accomplish to lead us there and be extremely in our persistence to reach them. Obviously, when we get where it is we are seeking to get, it is then time to repeat the procedure on to our next intended target. We should be kind to ourselves and take a few minutes to congratulate ourselves for our achievement and then get back to work on our next effort.

When I began Crossfit, I thought I had everything under control and was in great shape. I quickly learned that others around me were far ahead of me in so many areas. So I took a second look and understood the reality of where I was. I changed course, took on the advice and direction of the coaches available to assist me and began my efforts over to achieve my intended goals both physical and mental. The same theories applied to my learning sales. Small steps and consistent effort led to small victories that I let myself build on in my efforts to improve. I savored the accomplishments and learned more from the setbacks. Today, I am an accomplished sales rep and enjoy so much teaching others how to rise to the levels they desire. I am so happy being where I am today and realize the value of the patience and persistence I put into the effort and feel so happy at my efforts to help others realize their dreams and that they can also come true!


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