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The Ugly (Is that Me)

Updated on August 17, 2016

Who dat in the mirror?

It seemed like overnight the ravages of the disease took over, mentally and physically altering my appearance. I went through extremes of emotion even contemplating suicide. As if sensing it my daughter insisted on being with me when I tried to drop her off to her father. Being a person of faith it wasn't long before the strength of God shored up my mental issues and along with love and encouragement of family and friends I was managing to hang in there. But I was also dealing with a very tough and devastating issue. My face had changed dramatically. I no longer recognized the woman in the mirror. Surely this was not me? Through tears I acknowledged I was no great beauty but had had my fair share of attention but now? The disease had taken over, change taking place so subtly I failed to notice. The image in the mirror explained the concern and amazement of family and friends upon looking at me. I was ugly, skeletal, white spotted and going bald. I was stiff, had limited range of motion in my arms and my neck looked too tiny to hold my heavy head but nobody said a word. Can you feel the love?

Mirror Image


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