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The Ultimate Best Weight Loss Secret

Updated on September 13, 2012

When we see a dramatic transformation of celebrity stars from being size pluses to smaller sizes, we begin to wonder what they could have done to achieve such weight loss. We started to get curious on what could be their secrets to achieve such amazing feats.

We even to try to follow their programs with some even going the extra mile to pay just to achieve that figures. While some do get their desired results, most of us still failed. And we began to ask ourselves, why?

The real key to shedding pounds cannot be achieved by any weight loss program alone. The secret why the successful ones were able to do and maintain it, is they adopted the right kind of attitude. They:

Make a Firm Resolve to Lose Weight

When you have decided to lose weight, you must condition yourself that losing weight is actually a long process. It is not an overnight success. It would take time. If you are used to eating and not used to doing even the simplest exercise routine, the first week could proved to be very tough. It is important that you allow yourself to have a firm resolution to continue going. You need to control yourself and imposed a strong sense of self discipline to eat only small amounts of food servings six to eight times a day no matter how tempting it is to overindulge. You need to discipline yourself to do your exercise routine even if there are times you feel like not doing it. And if you caved in to the temptations, forgive yourself but go back to the program immediately.

Make Changes

A time would come that you will hit weight loss plateau. This is the time where in you were doing you regular weight loss program but the scale doesn’t budge. Do not be discouraged. This normally happens. The body gets used to the same set of exercises overtime. That is the reason you are not losing weight anymore. This is then the right time to make changes and do some adjustments. Do a different set of exercise routine or rev up the intensity of your exercises. If you go to the gym, you could consider adding resistance or muscle building exercises. If the gym starts boring you, go jogging or do some vigorous general cleaning. And yes doing some weight loss research could help. Just be critical about it.

Make It a Lifetime Commitment

You would really be proud of yourself once your hard work pays off. The feeling is so good when you see yourself fitting to dresses you won't ever thought were possible. Moreover you would feel lighter and be full of energy. Sometimes though the reason many failed in the middle of the weight loss program is as soon as they started seeing dramatic results they have the tendency to slacken up and reverted back to their old habits. They have this mindset that, ”it is okay to overeat. I will go back to my diet program tomorrow”. And it becomes another tomorrow and another tomorrow. Remember this,food has a way of waking up your cravings and soon enough you will find yourself not having the power to control it. Eventually, you will get back the pounds that you have work hard to lose before. So be fully committed about it. Make it your everyday advocacy.


The secret to the best ultimate weight loss should not surprise you at all. It is something that we just have failed to consider.

Adopting an important key attitude like a strong sense of discipline would not be a walk in the park. It is like a skill that needs to be honed.

It is also important to have the right set of motivations. This will be the burning fire that will help you to muster the courage to face your weight loss struggles. Just make sure to never compromise your health just because you want to feel and to look good.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Thanks for sharing these tips. True. One must have a firm conviction at or on losing weight in order to attain such goal. :)