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The Best Cure For Panic Attacks

Updated on October 29, 2010

The Best Panic Attack Cure Is Here!

Someone I hold very dear has suffered from panic attacks for many years. I've spent years researching this topic, while watching her waste away from "conventional" medical treatments which should all be banned. Really. The horrific side-effects some of those drugs like Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan and dozens of others produce...! I've since become familiar with patients and others who have been taking them and I must say I do NOT understand why these chemicals are officially sanctioned. At best, they relieve the symptoms (while producing lots of side-effects), at worst they bring a person to the brink of suicide. Trust me, I've seen it with my own eyes.

For this reason, I've been searching for years for an ALTERNATIVE. And lord knows, there is no shortage of those. I've studied probably 150 or more techniques and remedies ranging from natural herbs to special diets to psychotherapies to hypnotherapies to self-help books... the list goes on. And we tried the most promising of those. Or my friend did anyway - but under my watchful eye, lol.

15 years later, the search went on and her condition kept getting worse. She practially stopped functioning in any way which could be described as "normal."

And then... we had a breakthrough. Something which we heard about many years before but we were persuaded to dismiss it as "ill-informed theory" at best or "quackery" at worst by no less than 3 different psychiatrists. How I wish we didn't listen to those prejudiced, uninformed FOOLS!

OK. I'm not going to bore you with that story any more. If you've suffered from panic attacks or been close to someone who did or still does, then you know already what HELL this condition can be. And you know that medical doctors and shrinks are INTOLLERANT and downright aggressive towards ANYTHING alternative. Screw them (do pardon me, but I have NO better words for what they've put us through)!

The problem with the MEDICAL approach is NOT that - even by the psychiatrists' own admision - it DOESN'T CURE and only alleviates the symptoms (and that you have to keep taking those drugs till the day you die). That's not even the biggest problem as sick as it sounds.

The REAL PROBLEM is that they HOUND YOU, ATTACK YOU, and RIDICULE YOU if you tell them you'd like to try alternatives!

If their methods were at least 10% successful (which, statistically they are NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THAT! They have a near-zero CURE rate!), maybe they would have a point. But they fail dismally over and over - and they POISON people. The best they can offer is masking the condition - not curing it. So WHY do they dismiss alternatives?

Thankfully, we have now discovered how to treat this condition. Not only did we discover it but... and you will not believe this, though it's totally true anyway. It took... ONE SESSION to end the attacks forever. And with a "web" product on top of it all...! Un-flippin'-believable!!!

No more meds. No more shrinks. No more BS. Panic attacks are GONE!

I know you're dying to know what that method is. I will, of course, tell you. But FIRST, I will lead you through my research. in fact, I'll only give you a tiny fraction of it here. I've never used HubPages before so I'm not sure how much I can type and how I can edit and present everything. So I'll only give you 30-or-so products and methods - in brief - that we've tried.

All but ONE of those methods CURED the Panic Attacks. Banished them for good! As for the other methods - well, some were pretty good and promising, others were just rehashed versions of others still, while the rest were outlandish or downright silly. However, even the stupidest among them BEAT THE CRAP out of conventional psychiatric medical approaches. Not that they cured anything. But they at least DID NO HARM. Very unlike the psychotropic crap our government-sanctioned medicine is forcing us to take.

Awww right. SORRY about this rant. I'm posting this here because people MUST know about this, and someone told me that posting on HubPages is a GREAT way to spread the word. Well, let's hope so because people MUST know.

So.. Let's have a look at all the contenders. ONLY the best among those I've researched.

I'll simply list them alphabetically (not in the order we tried them, of course - and EXCLUDING the cursed meds) and give you my very brief comments for each. None of these methods worked FOR US. This doesn't mean they won't work FOR YOU. But, frankly, knowing what I now know - chances are only very few of them actually might.

  • Amoryn ($34.95), by BioNeurix Corp - That's one of only three "drugs" I'll list here, and only because it produced no discernible side-effects. Sadly, it produced no results either, though it did provide some short-lived relief.
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks: Their Cause and Cure ($7.99) by Pauline Neff - That's a book (not aware if it exists as an ebook), filled with the author's ideas of what panic attacks are and a variety of techniques and approaches the reader can try to overcome them. Not bad at all, but ultimately failed to get us closer to that all-important cure...!
  • Anxiety Free Today ($47.00) by Ian Spencer - That's an eBook which essentially is a collection of techniques, slightly psychotherapy-related, relies on logic and persuasion. Not bad. But no cigar.
  • At Last A Life ($19.99) by Paul David - an eBook which teaches you how to "reprogram" your thought patterns, and is very similar to standard psychotherapeutic methods practiced by most psychologists. Good - but no cigar.
  • Attacking Anxiety and Depression ($479.92...yep) by Lucinda Bassett and Phillip Fisher - Another congnitive behavior modification system which involves listening to audio, watching videos and reading ebooks. Lots of effort and heart went into this product but... once again it falls short by missing the whole point of what panic attacks REALLY are. Don't get me wrong. It's a good product (overpriced, but good) - it's just that I seriously doubt that it can actually CURE you. Well, who knows. Maybe it can cure YOU, lol. Did NOT work for us, though.
  • Calming Words ($34.95)by Dr Jeannette Kavanagh - An audio therapy, meditation-based. This one actually has a chance of working, but without the guide which I now know is necessary, it's a bit hit or miss.
  • Conquering Stress ($39.97) by Chris Green - This is very much like some of the other eBooks here - general information and psychotherapy-based "arguments" to help you manage your panic attacks. Many good insights. But the author is clearly unaware of what panic attacks REALLY are. Almost NONE of the products reviewed here even have an inkling, although one or two mentions this technique in passing, dismissing it. Or, in one case advising it, but failing to recognize that it's near-impossible for a person to do it him or herself. You'll soon know what it is.
  • Don't Panic ($6.00) by R. Reid Wilson PhD - Not a bad book at all, teaches you breathing and controlling your panic attacks. One of the best of its kind, in fact. But... fails to give you the ultimate solution.
  • Ease Out Of Fear ($27.00) by Mark Pasay - another eBook full of good information but without that final Eureka! moment.
  • Embracing The Fear ($11.16) by Judith Bemis - a book which is more of a general guide and provides you with lots of good information. Lots - except the bits that matter and which actually work. LOL. Sorry, I can't get over the fact that the method we've discovered is SO OBVIOUS so as to be almost painfully, embarrasingly self-evident.
  • From Panic To Power ($10.07) by Lucinda Bassett - Essentially, a re-hash of her other book. Good but not brilliant.
  • Panic & Anxiety Gone! ($49.95) by Edward Golding - Okay, not bad. Yawn. Another ebook about what everyone already knows. It spend a lot of time dwelling on the symptoms and attempts to give you thought tools to "manage" your panic attacks. Didn't work for us, sorry.
  • Panic Attacks Workbook ($12.21) by Dr David Carbonell - Really well-written and structured book which contains many great ideas and insights. But it too doesn't acknowledge the ONLY valid reason why panic attacks occur - and therefore the ONLY way to permanently and quickly get rid of them...
  • Panic Away ($67.95) by Joe Barry - I think this is THE most popular or maybe the second most popular panic eBook on the web. Loads of people read it, took the whole course, and praised it. We were SO hopeful. But - as good as it actually is - it only teaches you how to manage what you already have. You MAY get rid of your panic attacks in this way. But it will almost certainly take you a long time. And if you're as screwed up as my friend was - well, it just won't work for ya probably.
  • Panic Miracle ($47.00) by Chris Bayliss - a holistic approach, nutritional as well, plus it involves the usual psychotherapeutic "reprogramming." Yeah... good but doesn't produce the results you're after. Not likely anyway.
  • PureCalm ($34.95) by Native Remedies - This is a herbal-based pill and it's "okay." No side-effects, no problem. Symptoms ease up for a while, but then you're back to the same old grind. No cigar.
  • Reduce Fear ($29.00) by Mark Myhre - An okay eBook, covers all the same ground as much of the other stuff I've listed above.
  • Seredyn ($38.00) by BioNeurix Corp - the last of the meds which I'll list here, and - again - ONLY because it has no side-effects to speak of. It helps a wee bit with the symptoms, but it's very subtle. Bottom line: it just doesn't do the job of CURING your panic attacks.
  • The Anxiety Disease ($7.99) by David Sheehan - I enjoyed reading this actually. Lots and lots of good information, even little quizzes and tests to establish exactly what kind of anxiety disorder might you be suffering from. All good. But... it didn't hit the mark either. I'd still recommend it as a good read, though.
  • The EasyCalm System ($97.00) by Jon Mercer - this is a video program which was basically quite disappointing to us. By the time we watched it, it didn't offer anything new, in spite of its big claims. No, it's not "bad." It's just not all that great either.
  • The Life Empowerment Course ($47.00) by Dr Bill Davison - This one's a bit far out, but hey... all kinds of strokes for different folks. It sets out to "reprogram your genes." Well, in truth it actually just a normal psychotherapy program, just packaged a little differently.
  • The Linden Method ($109.00) by Charles Linden - this is the other TOP product in terms of popularity, right next to Panic Away. Hmmm. It's an eBook and some audio and it's not bad. But I just can't see how it can REALLY help you. Maybe for some people. Maybe if their panic attacks are recent. It doesn't hit the nail on the head though, so - back on the shelf it goes.
  • The Panic Puzzle ($67.00) by Rich Presta - an audio product which is not bad actually, but yet again - like all these other products - it doesn't address the TRUE nature of (most) panic attacks. Don't these people know this? I think they do, but they dismiss it. I dunno...
  • The Root Cause (for OCD) ($39.97) by Isaul Karim - I've included this book even though it's focused on OCD and not on panic attacks. The reason is that it comes the closest to nailing the real mechanism of how panic attacks actually work. When we first came across this one, we too missed its import entirely. It MIGHT help your panic attacks, believe it or not, but then again, it might not. When you discover what our TOP product is and WHY it works, you'll know why I'm saying this.
  • The SelfSteps Program ($64.00) by Dayne Hesson - lots and lots of techniques here. A good ebook overall and worth the asking price, I think. Except that you shouldn't expect to reach a breakthrough with it either. Then again, who knows. Maybe you will. But we didn't.
  • Totally Tranquil ($47.00) by Holothink - This is a weird one. It's more like sound-waves and stuff which should have a calming effect on you. Who knows - it might work to SOME extent, but we didn't manage to use it more than a couple of times. It annoyed us, lol....
  • When Panic Attacks ($10.97) by David D. Burns M.D. - A book with over 40 different techniques for managing panic attacks. Note that I said "managing" not "curing."

Now, I realize that I've made some of these products sound lame. I didn't mean to offend and I KNOW that SOME people have actually been helped by them. Respect for that! So don't dismiss them either, but when you see what I've discovered you'll know why you need to take the short cut FIRST. And - hopefully - LAST.

Anyway, I only listed them all here BECAUSE they're ALL pretty good. I have over 100 (yes HUNDRED) others which are CRAP and I didn't bother to even write about them here.

I also skipped over reports of various PERSONAL therapies we took, although this might be a good subject for a separate post. We went to psychiatrists and psychologists and hypnotherapists. Some were good, most were indifferent. Some - especially the psychiatrists - were LETHAL. Nearly. lol

I couldn't really pick out the "best" among them. I've read hundreds of reviews about most of these products - literally - and I must say, I don't know how much I believe many of them. I sure hope they're real. Maybe they are. Never mind.

So now, finally - here's THE REAL DEAL:

  • The DreamWalk Therapy for Panic Attacks ($69.95) by Dr Frank R. Stahl, PhD - This is a brand new product. Only about a month on the web I believe (am writing this at the end of October 2010) and we were among the very first to try it. It's just an audio tape (MP3, I mean, lol) with a hypnotherapy session WITH A DIFFERENCE. Once you allow yourself to go under (and make no mistake, if you resist it, you will FAIL to enter hypnotic sleep), Dr Stahl suggests that there was a root cause to your panic attack and that you must simply discover it. And the whole reason for this audio tape is to create a mood conducive to help you relax and - remember.

    I don't think it's enough to simply "tell you" that this is why panic attacks occur. My friend and I heard this "root cause theory" many years before and we were sure it doesn't apply - to her. However... once she let herself be (mildly) "hypnotized" she hit on it in minutes. When she came out of it, she told me about it and marvelled at how strangely illogical the connection was but that it somehow made sense. She was sure it didn't help though, but still liked the tape and said she'd play it a few more times just to be sure.

    But then a MIRACLE happened. Next day - no panic attack. She used to get them ALL THE TIME (2-3 sometimes 4 times a day!). It HAS happened in the past that she'd get panic-free days now and then. But not recently. Recently she just kept having them all the time, so a panic-free day was a real surprise. She listened to the tape again and once again liked it and once again recounted her garbled memories.

    No panic attack the next day either. And then the next. Over a month now - and NOT A SINGLE PANIC ATTACK has returned!!

Needless to say, I've since read up on the whole thing and went through Dr Stahl's (excellent) newsletter site as well. We even correspond with him now and then and wanted to send him a gift.

I can't recommend this enough!

Go to his site, sign up, and if you have panic attacks - try this therapy. It's beautifully simple and superbly logical and you know exactly what you're doing at all times and why. Even if you don't believe it - doesn't matter - try it. We didn't believe it either. Until it we saw it WORK!

"Fluke?" You might say. Well, not if you believe the testimonials on Dr Stahl's site - and not if you believe ours. 15 years of research and even stumbling on this very method in the past, only to rediscover it in a WEB-based audio tape.

Go on - END those panic attacks NOW.


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