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Updated on July 24, 2016


One can only stay healthy if he/she takes care of his/her health by observing their own life style. There is a saying “Early to bed, early to rise, makes man, healthy, wealthy and wise.” It’s a universal saying which means that one has to wake up early in the morning to start a healthy day. You must wake up before sunrise. Wear a track suit, and go for jogging. An early morning walk or running helps in losing weight and also it keeps you fresh throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism fast and strong. After that, you should eat a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast doesn’t mean a heavy breakfast. A healthy breakfast means you should have 2 eggs, 2 slices of bread and a glass of fresh juice. That’s a proper healthy breakfast which not only keeps you energetic throughout the day but also keeps your need of protein of your body fulfilled. After that, you may go to your job or college etc. After coming back home, you should have lunch. In lunch, you can have some rice or some Chinese food or Asian food as per your requirement. But one must not take too much quantity of food. There are many people in this world who are not as hungrier as much they eat. Ultimately their body starts getting bulky and body fat is unable to be stopped. Similarly in your dinner you can have a light meal. If you have only fruits or porridge in your dinner then that would be the best good night meal for you.


One of the major obstacles in a healthy life is the routine of people. They sleep late and wake up early for the job or college and as a result, they don’t get much sleep and they start losing energy during work and throughout the day. Experts say that, a human body needs 6-8 hours sleep a day in order to stay healthy.

Another major obstacle is their eating habits. People stay up all night and keep on eating snacks and other junk foods to fulfill their appetite and as a result start getting fat in their body. Nothing destroys your body more than junk food. Junk foods include burgers, pizzas, French fries etc.


In today’s world, nothing is pure. There are many food items in the market which are nothing but a combination of chemicals and destroying our health. Even the dairy items available at shops are not pure. For example, people like to eat packed chips of different brands. But the reality is, they are less chips and more chemical mixtures. Similarly the beverages and cold drinks are chemical mixtures which gain our weight in unimaginable manner. The yogurt which we buy of different companies also contains chemicals in it which make it look fresh but actually they are hazardous for our health.

To stay healthy, we must eat healthy food in order to keep our body fit. We must rely on natural foods in order to stay smart and strong. Visit Ginily for more healthy life style information.


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