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Other Benefits of Drinking Water

Updated on February 25, 2016

The Uncommon Benefits of Drinking Water

It is common knowledge that we are made of mostly water, and to function at our optimum ability we must consume at least 8 glasses of water daily. However, there are awesome benefits that tag along when hydrating our body that goes unspoken. Often when we decide to apply healthier habits into our eating and lifestyle routine one of the first things we increase is our water intake. It is known that water cleanses the body, carry essential nutrients throughout our system, and assist with proper organ function, but there are other more crucial reasons to drink high quality water. Proper water intake will restore your muscles. Staying hydrated will assist your kidneys with sweeping your body of impurities and producing blood pressure regulating hormones. When you are hydrated properly your brain will remain sharp, and defend against brain fog even as you age. And a positive mood boost is also a benefit of drinking water.


Muscle Function

We take care of our muscles by consuming amino acids and lean protein to repair and increase muscle mass. Weight training regularly and stretching also is a great way to tone and strengthen our muscles. Many are aware of how important it is to hydrate before, during, and after a cardio workout. And the same actions should be taken on weight training days as well. Drinking water energizes our muscles, so we can go the extra mile at the gym, and when doing everyday tasks. Drinking water will keep your electrolytes balanced which will help avoid muscle fatigue.

Kidney Function

The kidneys are extremely hard working organs with very important duties concerning our overall wellbeing. Our kidneys have the duty of pushing 200 quarts of blood throughout our body daily, tracking waste, and transporting urine to the bladder and these are vital duties that cannot be delayed. Also, urine should not have a dark tint nor an odor. If your urine is not flowing, is dark in color, and has an odor that means your body is holding on to extra fluid, because you are not drinking enough water. These fist-sized organs purify the body of toxins and regulate blood pressure by producing certain hormones. The kidneys also control the production of red blood cells. Most people are not aware that our kidneys release a chemical similar to vitamin D that helps us absorb calcium. The kidneys have many responsibilities, and when they are not given adequate water they struggle to properly perform these much needed duties. So by staying hydrated regularly your kidneys will function to the best of their ability.


Brain Function

Mind fog is not something that should be accepted as a sign of old age. The brain needs to stay hydrated to function at its best. Drinking water supports a clear mind. When the brain is not supplied proper water dehydration begins. When the brain gets dehydrated the brain tissues begin to shrink. And when this shrinkage takes place our brains have to work much harder to perform the same task. My very first college professor recommended that the very first thing we should do in the morning is drink water, because water will fuel our brain, so naturally our mind will be sharp and our reflexes will be quicker than our peers who reached for coffee in the morning. So drink a glass of water in the morning to plump up your brain, so you will be able to function more efficiently.

Mood Function

Most people are not aware that a lack of water can cause a negative mood. Being hydrated has a refreshing effect that can cause a more positive mood. What is so interesting about water improving mood is that you do not even have to be in a terrible need of water. Even the slightest level of dehydration can change your state of mind causing a negative mood reaction. It is important to keep track of activities or foods that take fluid from you such as; exercise, working or being in heat for a lengthy amount of time, and your intake of caffeine. People who suffer from depression are encouraged to increase their water intake to support a positive mood.

Body Function
Benefits of Water
Muscle Function
Avoid muscle fatigue
Kidney Function
Help kidneys lead impurities out of the body
Brain Function
Avoid brain tissues from shrinking, and supports a clear mind
Mood Function
Elevates mood


For the most part most people are aware of the common benefits of water such as; replacing soda for water, drinking water for weight loss, and drinking water to assist with digestion. But water can assist your body in functioning better, because water nourishes the body thoroughly. Water supports bodily functions that are important to sustain a healthy body. Drink water to support your muscles. For fitness reasons and overall health drinking water keeps electrolytes balanced and keep muscles energized. And muscle preservation and support becomes more important as you age. The kidneys are needed to lead impurities out of the body without delay. It is possible to avoid kidney issues by simply staying hydrated. Furthermore, every morning should begin with a glass of water and not coffee. Water keeps the brain from shrinking and working harder to function at the same level. Also, water can boost your mood. It is believed that even being slightly dehydrated can cause a negative mood. Those who suffer from depression are recommended to stay hydrated. And lastly, the body is not partial as to where water comes from. Meaning, eating healthy foods with a higher water content like watermelon can contribute to your daily water intake to support hydration.


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