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The Unmasking of Schizophrenia(Madness) by 'Cannabis' usage

Updated on April 30, 2013


Cannabis usage and Schizophrenia(Madness)

Schizophrenia or 'Madness' as is commonly known, is a mental disorder characterized by unusual behavior where there is distortion in the perception and interpretation of reality.The affected individual has frequent hallucinations(False perceptions) and delusions(False beliefs), either visual or auditory, which cause profound disruptions of normal life. The causes of Schizophrenia are unclear but it is known to have a strong genetic and biological basis. However, many psychological and environmental factors have a role to play in the 'Release' of the disorder to its maturity.

Use of the street drug 'Cannabis' known by many names, marijuana, pot, weed, grass etc has been linked with significantly increased probability of developing Schizophrenia. Many research studies indicate that the risk is higher when the drug is used by persons under the age of 21, when the human brain is especially vulnerable. The increased risk applies particularly to persons who inherit variants of a particular gene and who smoked 'Cannabis' as teenagers. About a quarter of the population may have this genetic make up and up to 15% are vulnerable to develop Schizophrenia, if exposed to the drug early in life.

Persons with such vulnerability should avoid 'Cannabis' like the Plague ! Without the usage of the drug, such a person might live his whole life without experiencing any mental health problems. It has been estimated that about 8% to 13% of the persons suffering from Schizophrenia today, would never have developed the illness without exposure to 'Cannabis' !


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