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The Unsung Pimple Remover

Updated on December 17, 2010

Everyone out there is looking for that magical pimple remover that will make all of their acne go away instantly. Many seem to prefer squeezing, picking, and pinching their acne which while get rid of the acne temporary will often scar or even make it worse. Instead, I'm going to reveal a more lasting solution that can help relieve your acne if it's combined with good hygiene.

The Real Magic Bullet Is...

Your diet and life style. Often times we'll find that a problem in one part of the body will often affect the rest of it. Likewise, the food we eat affects our entire body. That's why a proper diet and lifestyle will help clear up acne.

The Right Diet Is...

The fundamentals of a good diet for fighting acne is one that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, eats primarily low glycemic load foods, minimizes omega-6 fatty acids, and avoids milk and cheese. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are primarily wild fish (not farm raised!) and organic/free range eggs. The reason why these omega-3 fatty acids are so important is because they act as an anti-inflammatory agent. This serves to stymie the primary agent in acne, inflammation.

The glycemic load a food is how much it spikes insulin levels after eating it. It's been found that regularly eating foods with a high glycemic load can easily raise skin-glucose levels to be abnormally high and for abnormally long. This has lead some to think of acne as the diabetes of the skin.

One of the greatest problems with the standard western diet is the imbalance of omega-3 fatty acids, an anti-inflammatory agent, to omega-6 fatty acids, a pro-inflammatory agent. The reason for this is the lack of seafood in the typical western diet. In addition, omega-6 fatty acids are laced throughout all of the food we eat in the form of corn products, vegetable oil, etc.

Exercise is essential to maintaining both general well being and an acne free life. Excessive abdominal fat causes the body to produce excessive androgens. These hormones are often called the male sex hormones and they have a tendency to bind to the sebaceous glands in our follicles. These hormones prompt the sebaceous glands to grow and produce more sebum (oil). Often times more oil will be secreted than it can handle and the pore will be clogged and turn into a pimple.

Like body fat above, milk and cheese often contain androgens that travel throughout the blood stream and bind to the sebaceous glands. In addition the high saturated fat in milk causes the body to produce more androgens of its own causing almost a double whammy of increased androgens.

If you haven't noticed yet, there really is no magic bullet to solving your acne problems. A secret pimple remover that can blast away all the acne in a matter of a single night. To really get rid of your acne, it requires constant effort to live a healthy life style.


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