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The Waist Training Epedemic

Updated on October 30, 2014

Unwanted belly fat

There is nothing worst than getting dressed in that perfect outfit only to notice the budge in you belly. If you just had a baby, surgery or just need to tighten those stomach muscles to feel more confident; the waist trainer is the new trend women of all sizes and ages are using to obtain that hourglass figure, smooth out those love handles and feel confident in those fitted shirts and skirts.


If you use social media to search for #waisttrainers. You will soon understand that this is more than a fad. Women of all shapes and sizes are sleeping in waist trainers, wearing them for up to 10 hours a day, and even exercising in them to help wiggle their waist smaller one inch at a time. The key in the success is the material and industrial design of this trainer. Most are made of latex that allows the stomach to sweat off inches, when paired with a defining gel, to help tighten the appearance of the skin, and provide and extra reason for the skin to release sweat. This trend has turned into the new exercise pairing mate. Don't go jogging without it, it helps burn extra calories and sweat out much need toxins in your body. Celebs have even embarked on this trend giving it more of a status than before. Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and even Rosa Acosta to name a few. These women have proven with diet, exercise and a latex waist trainer gives their body that extra push to achieving results faster than just Ab work alone.

It works!

Kim Reveals she waist trains for her post baby body!
Kim Reveals she waist trains for her post baby body! | Source

Dangers of the Corset

The corset can not replace the diet and exercise it takes to maintain a healthy life. If worn too tight it cause shortness of breath, organ movement and rib damage and may bruise the torso. Lets face it; beauty is pain. However, worn for a few hours a day, while maintaining a healthy clean eating diet. The corset will help push your belly in the right direction. Inward!

Detox those Toxins

Many people are unaware that the toxins your body holds on too, cause bloating, and slows down the digestive system while making you belly appear larger than what it actually is.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key success. Watch your intake, exercise regularly, have confidence in your self , don't drink your calories and remember to get enough sleep. In order for you body to perform at its best; detox those toxins, drink plenty of water and do what make you happy. Live strong, and laugh often these are the best calories burner of life. Nevertheless as women, we always consider what can give us that extra boost. Research the waist trainers and see if it is right for you.


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