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The Wandering Mind In Line At The Grocery Store

Updated on December 15, 2008

Today while at the grocery store

 my mind started wandering.  Things like why do stores have 40 checkout lanes, but only four are open at any given time? Geezus, who are they trying to impress? Face it, somewhere out there, there must be people who decide on where shop, because their store has more checkout isle than any other store is the city. Granted no matter the size of the store, there will be only 4 registers open. Not only that but why do I always pick the slowest lane to stand in.

It's one thing to be friendly, but some of these cashiers really are a bit extreme. It's nice you have a cat, don't live with your mother, and that you like the same brand of ketchup as me...Who Cares! Oh, and stop flip through my magazine, it on your time. Your holding the rest of us up.

While I'm at it way does it take so long to give someone their change back? The answer is on the screen in front of you. I'm happy that you are trying to better your math skills, but can't you practice at home? or, in night school?

And why is there always 50 sales floors people around the cheese case, but never one near by, when your standing at a counter that has a sign stating, "Please ask customer service for help." Strange that the sign even uses the words customer service. Service in the service industry is all but exstinct at this point.

But the biggest thing I ponder often, and when I say often I mean probably many times a day, is how much of my life is be used up standing in line? There are lines for just about everything...single fashioned, neat and orderly lines. I feel like I'm being corraled. We just accept it, lines at the bank, the DMV, the grocery store, and at the amusement park.

 What's so much fun about the amusement park? 50 buck a person...stand in line over an hour to ride a rollercoaster that is finished in 90 seconds (girls, I'm starting to understand your frustration) the build up for the ride is exciting, but then you finally get on the ride, it's all "is that it!" at least you get an occaisional apology from the guy. On an amusement park ride you get release the safty harness and please exit to the left. Which they heard you down the ramp and your off to the next ride...(well, ok gals, maybe for some there is a simularity there too...)

But I am still fixated with this standing in line concept, and how man hours in a lifetime we spend doing it. We are taught from a young age to stand in line and we grow to accept it in everything we practically do. Modern life is more about standing in line, and dealing with it...than it is about convenience and time saving.

Would there be disorder and chaos in this world if we all refused to stand in line for too long? Does the world feed on that kind of order? Do we need it or would it cause mass confusion, termoil and anarchy? Would world government collapse if it weren't for the invention of standing in line? What the first thing you are taught in the military? I betcha that the military personel don't stand in a straight line for long when under attack.

"In The Waiting Line" by Zero 7


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  • Winsome profile image


    8 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

    Wow, Lind why don't you tell us what you think? Hey Saint or Jimmie, nice rant. I can understand Lind's perspective I think, it's like what the fish think looking up at the line to heaven and wondering: "Is this the day I take a ride into the sky and take the chance I'll be thrown back--I have put on a few pounds but it's so fricking boring down here--maybe I'll give it a try, besides I am hungry and those hook holes heal pretty fast...."

    Nice to meet you.

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    wow, um let me just say that I work at a grocery store and it's people like you who tick me off. I think it's great that the cashier is being nice to you and guess what?? WE don't decide when EVERYONE comes up at once! yeah maybe you should shut your yap, and realize that when you go to the store, you need to get your attitude in check. By the way, does anyone know that at the grocery store, it's supposed to be you who does the work, we could really care less about if you found everything okay or not. I don't give a damn about if you had a good expierence or if it sucked. Yeah that's right, I have to stand for hours at a time doing the same fricken thing over and over and over. How about you STUPID customers give us REASONABLE change, not $100 or $50 for a small order!! Honestly, and checks, um how about you're taking up MY time?? So if you have complaints, keep them to yourself, we DON'T care, not one bit, I work at customer service and hate when people complain, because I want to do it right back to you. If you piss us off, trust me, we have no problem pissing you off right back.

  • trish1048 profile image


    10 years ago

    One question, what's the alternative? :)

  • vitaeb profile image


    10 years ago from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

    Nowadays, while in line, people talk to their cell phones, play their ntendo games, listen to their ipods. Seems like lines were invented to further commerce.


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