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The Warning About Pregnancy and Drugs

Updated on September 10, 2009

The Warning About Pregnancy and Drugs

You are probably an expecting mother. You have such high expectations for this newborn it is unquestionable that your child will be great.  You probably only want the best for your child as well.  We all want the best for our children.  But your child needs the extra special treatment.  You will love it until death.  However, you headache and it is really becoming a problem for you.  You really want to run (I mean walk) over to your medicine cabinet and ingest all the headache medicines.  But will these pills hurt the child?  Will it be problematic for the child's development.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  You are in need of the knowledge about pregnancy and drugs.
So it is common to know that a lady that is pregnant has to make sure that she is at the optimal health in order for her baby to survive.  She has to make sure she is eating all the right foods so the baby can get all the necessary nutrition.  She has to know that stress has to be eliminated out of her life because it will be pressure on the fetus.  If she was a drinker of alcohol in the past, she cannot do so now.  If she were to continue while pregnant she would be exposing the child to potential fetal alcohol poisoning.  Smoking has to be cut out during pregnancy as well.
Anything that is consumed by the mother has an effect on the expected child.  If you were to smoke cigarettes while pregnant, you are definitely giving yourself the nicotine rush that you love.  However, the nicotine is now floating in your blood stream.  You are connected to your child!  If you are taking in nicotine, your child will without a doubt be consuming nicotine as well.  There is no way around it.

Overall, if you take anti-depressant, your baby will be on anti-depressants.  If you smoke marijuana while you are pregnant, your baby will be very high.  If you take headache medication, your baby will be very free of any headache.  But make sure you get more information from a professional like your doctor if you are still curious.

This was some knowledge about pregnancy and drugs.  It is recommended that you never take anything that affects your mind while being pregnant.  We all want to not impede on the growth of a child.  One pill can potentially kill...or be some form of trouble for the child's future.  Please seek a professional.  Good luck with your pregnancy!


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