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The Weight Loss Industry and its Love Affair with Fairy Tales

Updated on August 27, 2012

In today's world, the weight-loss industry takes up the place that snake oil used to take up a couple of centuries ago. There are few scientifically tested products and methods on the market, and people still fanatically believe in something or the other.

Weight Loss is a industry today, Millions of dollars are being invested by large companies in this market and a large part is being spent for promoting the product. What is the original fact?

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Weight Loss Industry

Weight Loss Is A Fact Not Fiction

The Chinese Diet Tea for instance has the company that makes it claiming that you can lose a pound a day or thereabouts just by drinking a cup of the tea they sell for as little as $25 a month or so. They also give you a diet patch.

The law just caught up with them and fined them $2 million.

While not every company makes such clearly dubious claims, they do try. According to the Federal Trade Commission, one out of two advertisements by the weight-loss industry tends to be problematic. They'll say things like you can lose a pound a day, they'll say that drinking a cup of tea will work five times faster than if you completely went without food altogether, and so on.

Physiologically and scientifically speaking, it just isn't possible to lose a pound a day every day of the month. When they do claim that there are success stories they can show you, they're actually using completely focused, completely obsessed weight-losers. And there's no telling what will happen to them once the diet is done.

The weight-loss industry has been applying this kind of dubious trade for at least a century now. One thing that they love in particular happens to be the one-food diet. They'll say that you should eat nothing but grapefruit or cabbage soup, or even potatoes. The cabbage soup diet for instance claims that you can make do with nothing more than cabbage soup and you will lose one-and-a-half pounds a day.

The cookie diet is the latest version. They'll sell you a certain kind of cookie that they say are made with some kind of special protein that will help you stay free of hunger. They make it sound like magic. It’s just that you don't need the cookie diet. It's all just about calorie restriction. You could just eat a low-calorie salad a few times a day and lose weight just the same.

The FDA certainly has its job cut out for it running after these people with their magic cures. They've banned ephedrine, they've banned the Chinese herb ma huang for killing 100 people and sickening hundreds more and so on.

It isn't just the sellers of snake oil that get caught this way though. Glaxo, with its Alli weight-loss pill that makes it difficult for your body to digest fat, is the latest. Your body on this pill, is not allowed to digest the fat that you eat But it doesn't just expel it the next time you go to the bathroom. You'll get runs all the time and you sweat oil and constantly break wind. Now there’s a weight-loss industry cure that's just begging to get banned.

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