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Whitney Houston' s Daughter Bobbi-Kristina - Her Greatest Love of All

Updated on February 22, 2012

Now that the funeral service and burial have concluded, more than ever my thoughts are with Bobbi-Kristina, Whitney Houston's daughter. Anyone who has suffered the loss of a beloved mother can easily sympathize with how grief-stricken and heart-broken Bobbi-Kristina is.

How does a young adult survive such a thing? Oprah Winfrey briefly interviewed Bobbi-Kristina about her relationship with her mom back in 2010. She said her mother was her best-friend, sister, and mom rolled up into one.

My Friend left her Daughter Behind

I suffered the loss of a close friend who committed suicide. She shared the same type of relationship with her daughter that Whitney Houston shared with Bobbi-Kristina. I could not figure out at first what was gnawing at me deep down inside. Then I saw that clip of Whitney and her daughter and the reason for the feeling finally floated to the top. I realized I was thinking about my friend's daughter and her great loss of her best-friend . . . her sister. . . and her mother.

The relationship shared by my friend mimicked that of Houston. She loved her daughter more than she loved herself and tried to make her daughter's environment safe and secure.

I once asked my niece what she missed most about her mom. She said she missed riding on the bus and listening to her mom criticizing what some women chose to wear out in public. How she would have to ask her mom to stop talking so loud so that the women would not hear her. We both laughed at her lively impression of her mom.

In a more somber voice she told me she really missed having her mom with her when they would run errands or go to doctor's appointments. She said she and her mom always traveled together no matter the cause and having to ride on the bus alone was terribly difficult for her.

Reconnecting with my Niece

Miss Houston’s death gave me a strong desire to check in with my “niece” so I began searching through my unpacked items to find the last phone number she gave me. Of course since it is nearly impossible to find something still packed away, I had no success in locating her contact info. In my computer files a found a lone email address that I hoped was still active. I sent a test email and when it did not bounce back to me, I wrote an email explaining that I really desired to talk with her and asked her to let me know how she is when she could do so

To my shock, she contacted me by cell phone before a hour had passed. I was so happy that I was almost speechless. Turns out she had been trying to contact me but only had my old phone numbers for both my cell and home address. We talked nearly an hour or so and while we caught up on each others lives, we were able to discuss her mom’s suicide as well. When I told her she made my day by calling me back so quickly, she replied that I made her day by contacting her as well.

I am looking forward to talking to her again in the very near future. Although I know there is no one to replace her mom, laughing and talking with her made me think that suffering a death at such a young age can be dealt with in positive ways. Also how important it is to keep a friendship going with the child of a friend who is no longer around.

I cannot help but wonder what life will be like for Bobbi-Kristina as she makes the terrible adjustment of not seeing her mom or being in her company.


Houston's daughter is already an accomplished singer in her own right. She has expressed plans to have a singing career just like her mother and father, singer Bobby Brown. At eighteen she is a very beautiful young woman who had to learn to handle adult situations way too early.

What will having two addicted parents mean for her future. Surely she will have to work much harder at maintaining a clean and sober life. It is in her genes to be drawn to drugs and alcohol.

I think she can do it though. She surely has plenty of support and eighteen years of her mother's love to reassure her that she is loved and should love herself. Something Miss Houston was not fully able to embrace.

I'm Every Woman--One of favorite songs with Shaka Khan

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    • Connie Smith profile image

      Connie Smith 

      6 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

      A friend of mine lost her mother quite a few years ago now. She has expressed hurt to me that her mother's best friend had not stayed in touch with her and, at the very least, called even once to see how the daughter had been doing. I was very sad for my friend, so your story of how you got in touch with your friend's daughter touched my heart. Those type of connections are important to keep and I am glad you made the move to reconnect. I am sure that it meant a lot to her and I am even more sure that your friend would be so pleased.


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