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The Wijit -Wheeling A Wheelchair Has Never Been Easier

Updated on September 26, 2014

Award-winning Wijit, a revolutionary driving and braking system for manual wheelchairs.

I first heard about this nifty contraption in 2009; My therapist had been talking about a college student who created a wheelchair lever system to push your wheelchair instead of pushing using your wheels, which is now being called a Wijit.

My therapist remarked that she wished she had the idea first as she knew it would help her clients with mobility issues such as, Cerebral Palsy, Ataxia, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Paraplegia, Post-Polio, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), and from what I read it also helps those with, Stroke, Tetraplegia, Cerebrovascular accidents, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Fractures of the femur, hip, pelvis, and/or bilateral lower extremities (throughout convalescence and rehabilitation), Hemiplegia, Lou Gherig’s (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Amputees, Arthritis.

Innovation's Health says, "Wijits are the fast, fun, easy-to-use lever-drive & braking system that replaces the wheels on your wheelchair and let you stop safer, turn sharper, climb higher, and go further than in a standard push-rim wheelchair; without sore shoulders, torn gloves or dirty hands."

Locked & Loaded!

Wheelchair with Wijit
Wheelchair with Wijit | Source

Brilliant Idea!

I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me. Let's find out more about it before making a snap decision.

The lever is used to propel your wheelchair. To shift from forward to neutral you rotate the shifter at the end of the lever. NOTE: No worries if you have limited hand function, you can still use the Wijit effortlessly.

The Wijit can be installed on almost any manual wheelchair. I'm super excited to see TiLite wheelchair and Colours wheelchair users are able to use the Wijit. They are by far my favorite wheelchair companies. I have used wheelchairs by both companies & love them both.

When can I try?!


The Wijit Poll

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Look Mom - Clean Hands!

You won't have to worry about repetitive injuries when using the Wijit. You can go over grass, carpet & gravel with ease. You sit up straighter since you don't have to hunch over to push your wheels which most of us do going up hills, your back will thank you.

Bonus: For us germ freaks, you know who you are; you won't be touching dirty tires any longer and the most important thing independence!!! Can I get a yeeha?

Ken's Wijit Story

Move at The Speed of Life

Repetitive Injuries No More!

If you are having issues with your back or repetitive injuries, I would seriously consider looking into this Wijit thang!

As I understand Medicare is willing to help pay for this bad boy which is so awesome for everyone who can benefit from the amazing Wijit.

From all that I have read it's an awesome easy cardio workout but fun instead of a huge pain and helps with your breathing too.

I'm fantasizing about going shopping with my new Wijit friend. A girl can dream. :) I suffer from a lot of back pain and repetitive injuries so that's why I'm so interested in this technology.

I am a Colours Spokes girl, and I am hopefully while I'm hocking wheelchairs at the 2015 Abilities Expo in LA next year with my hubby, I will get to try my new favorite
"I want" THANG!" :) Unless by some miracle I end up with it a lot sooner.

I don't want clothes, shoes, nope just a Wijit! :)

I Love The Thought Behind This Wijit Thang!

I think that this is the best adaptive equipment I have seen in a very long time, and I hope that everyone runs out and gets their hands on it. I definitely want to try it.

Have you tried one and if so did you like it? Do you want to try it but worried it's not for you? Let me know what you're thinking.

Have a great day everyone!


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