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Winning the Lottery

Updated on September 12, 2013

Lotto Numbers

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. | Source

What are Your Chances of Winning?

The chances of winning lotto depend on the odds in the game you play, but they are not high in some games it is upwards of 120 million to one. Look at these examples from Timothy Sykes' article to see how likely it is that you will win lotto:

  • In the USA a person is 6-45 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to win a lottery
  • You are 18-120 more likely to be attacked by a flesh eating bacteria than you are to win lotto
  • You are 180-1200 times more likely to die from a bee sting or an insect bite than you are to win the lottery
  • In the USA a person is more likely to die of a legal execution that to win the lottery

Winning Lotto

Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery
Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery

In his book, Richard discusses the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of buying lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning. He has created a method that he and members of his family use that has enabled them to WIN several lottery game GRAND prizes. This is a very easy to use method and will work with any type lottery games (scratch tickets or number games) in any state or country.


Lottery Winning Tips and Advice Everywhere

There are so many sites with tips and techniques on how to win lotto. There are sites that claim to have the secrets by which you can win millions. There are books and sometimes even TV segments or shows about it. You could be forgiven for thinking it is a realistic possibility. The funny thing is that everyone knows how remote the chances are and yet everyone dreams about it and most people buy lotto tickets. Some people even buy them on a weekly basis or even more frequently. They have lotto cards or accounts where they buy tickets weeks in advance. There are syndicates and clubs. It is almost a type of national passtime.

A Christmas themed Finnish scratch game "Ässä Extra".

Wikimedia commons. No restrictions.
Wikimedia commons. No restrictions. | Source

Lotto Horror Stories

Hubpages has several hubs (see links below) that demonstrate the truly awful things that can happen to people when they do win lotto. Apparently people often spend all the money within one year anyway, landing right back where they started.

Amazing to think that winning lotto is not only less likely that being eaten by flesh devouring bacteria, but can be just about as good for you!

A More Useful Book

Saving for Retirement without Living Like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery
Saving for Retirement without Living Like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery

Leading financial columnist MarksJarvis presents the everyman’s guide to saving for retirement. The idea of navigating the world of 401Ks and Roth IRAs leaves many people scared, cold, or both. This book will help reduce the confusion, anxiety and avoidance that many people associate with saving for retirement. Informed by thousands of calls and emails from readers over the years, MarksJarvis understands exactly what people want and need to know about managing their personal finances.


Odds of Winning the Lottery

The Fantasy

Winning the lottery is a fantasy that many many people indulge in. Like any fantasy, thinking about winning the lottery can help people to escape from daily life, even if it is only for a short while. While it is never good to live in fantasy-land, a little relief from a painful situation can be helpful. Fantasies are like wine, only good in moderation.

The real benefit of the winning lotto fantasy is that it is a tool to help monitor mental balance and happiness. I know that if I am indulging in this fantasy I am not that happy with work. I have noticed it crops up when work is stressful or uncomfortable. When I start thinking about winning lotto, I know that I need to look at taking some time off or at some stress management techniques or even a change in direction. So while I am more likely to be hit by a bus, fall out of the sky while flying or be struck by lightening than I am to win the lotto, it is a useful fantasy which helps me to achieve balance and happiness in my life!

Lotto Fantasy

Do you fantasise about winning the lotto?

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    • Mel Jay profile image

      Mel Jay 6 years ago from Australia

      Thanks Cloverleaf - know what you mean. It's always fun to dream for a little while!

    • Cloverleaf profile image

      Cloverleaf 6 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

      Hi Mel Jay. I wish the odds of winning were better! Whenever I play the lottery, I feel like I am buying $10 of hope :-)

    • Mel Jay profile image

      Mel Jay 6 years ago from Australia

      Thanks CarltheCritic1291 - much appreciated!

    • CarltheCritic1291 profile image

      Carl 6 years ago

      Great article. It made me imagine myself winning the lottery. Voted up!