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The Woman with the McDonald M Eyebrows

Updated on May 31, 2017
ionestevens profile image

Ione Stevens obtained her Bachelor's in English in 2016. She is now a library assistant for Stratford University.

"The f*&% is that? If you put them together it would resemble the McDonald's M!" - Facebook Stranger

I'm not here to point fingers. I'm not here to defend my eyebrows or how I apply makeup on a daily basis. I'm DEFINITELY not here to draw attention to MYSELF!

I'm here to prove just how easy it is to criticize a woman.

On May 12th, I was spending time with my family. It was a beautiful Mother's Day. If you're like me, you can't stand notifications. So when I saw that I had an unread message in Messenger, I checked it out. That's when I noticed there was a message from a girl I didn't personally know on Facebook. Since we were not friends, I needed to accept her message in order to actually read it. Sometimes, when I think back on the whole conversation, I do wish I'd never accepted her message. But, if I hadn't, then I wouldn't be writing this and sharing it with the whole world right now!

I'm not here to name names, so we're going to call her, Miss No Name.

Miss No Name went out of her way to 'stumble' onto my Facebook profile, copy and paste the picture on the right into Messenger, and proceeded to bash my eyebrows. Here is our conversation below:

Miss No Name: "You really need a handle on your brows. The f*$% is that? If you put them together it would resemble the McDonald's M."

Me: "It's kind of creepy and childish to copy and paste a picture of someone (who you don't even personally know, btw), just to criticize how they apply their makeup..."

Miss No Name: "Whoever your friends are they aren't real friends if they let u walk around with those eyebrows."

Me: "Wow... Well, thanks for filling me in on how to get 'real' friends. Based on how you speak to and about women, I'm sure you have plenty, right?"

Miss No Name: "Lol not how to. I'm just saying they aren't real friends if they let u walk around like that. F*%$ I know if one of my girlfriends eyebrows looked like that I would take her and get them fixed. Not let her walk around like that."

(Here she shares a random picture of a woman with perfect eyebrows)

Me: "Well, your advice means very little to me. So, it'd be really nice if you'd leave me alone now. Have a good night."

Miss No Name: "Lol maybe you should take my advice cause they are f*%$ing hideous."

Me: "Leave me alone."

In the end, I felt pretty good about myself. I did not stoop to her level of ratchetness. I refused to entice her to keep throwing insults my way. However, I still felt...bad. No woman wants to be told that they are doing something terribly wrong. Nowadays, it's all about contouring. It's all about caking our faces with makeup to hide our blemishes, our acne, and our thinning eyebrows. My makeup skills are not perfect; it's a work in progress. So I did what anyone else would've done in this situation. I went on her profile and there was nothing more satisfying to see that I didn't need to be her 'friend' to view her timeline!

Here's what I found: She's gorgeous! Her makeup is impeccable. Her skin is flawless without it. Her eyebrows are perfect and she has a pretty smile. If I were her, I'd be too happy with myself to even worry about bringing others down. So I dug deeper into her profile. She's single, no children, no job (at least it's not listed), and she's younger than me... Right then and there, it was SO easy for me to throw shade. I'm married. I have a child. I have a wonderful full-time job. I checked myself REAL quick! Thinking such things about her, not knowing her as a person, makes me just as judgmental.

So the bottom line question is: Why are women cruel to other women?

We're all different! There is undeniable beauty in that fact! Each woman is unique in every way and I absolutely love that. If we were all wired the same, the world would be such a boring place. So I propose that we compliment each other, build each other up, and show kindness, even when our vagina's are angry and we just don't feel like it.

I'll probably never speak to this girl again. But if she ever stumbles across this article, please know this: You're beautiful, regardless of the makeup you wear. Thank you for reminding me of how important it is to rise above any negativity that comes my way. I truly hope that whatever triggered your harsh criticism towards me subsides.

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    • ionestevens profile image

      IoneLynne 7 months ago from Virginia

      Amen, Sister! I have always found that kindness, even in the most hateful situations, wins. Negativity is powerful, but only if you allow it to be.

    • Christy Kirwan profile image

      Christy Kirwan 7 months ago from San Francisco

      In my humble opinion, people who go out of their way to be unkind to others (like this woman who contacted you) are actually just going out of their way to advertise the fact that they are not very nice people. You did the right thing; you felt a little compassion for someone so desperate for attention, then got on with your own lovely life. :)