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The Wonderful Benefits of a Master Cleanse Diet

Updated on February 20, 2010

The Wonderful Benefits of a Master Cleanse Diet

A Master Cleanse Diet is the key to good health. Consuming a plant-based diet will not only ensure that you are getting the bulk of the nutrients you need on a daily basis, it will also help your system to cleanse itself and remain free of toxins.

Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains are so vitally important to helping us maintain optimal health. Cold water, wild caught fish, such as salmon and tuna, should be included in your diet as well. They provide the necessary omega 3 fatty acids that we need in our diets. Although consumption should be limited due to levels of mercury they may contain.

Anyone who does not consume a master cleanse diet (essentially a mostly vegan diet), should consider performing a master cleanse on a regular basis.

In order to get the vitamins and nutrients we need from our diets, one needs to consume at least 13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Leafy greens and cruciferous veggies are the most vitamin-packed of the bunch. Diets high in these vegetables have been shown to have a decreased risk of chronic, degenerative diseases such as cancer.

A couple of ways to ensure you are consuming a master cleanse diet and getting all of your vegetable and fruit servings in is to include green smoothies and vegetable/fruit juices daily. Simply by adding these nutrient packed liquids to your diet, you can easily get very close to or exceed the recommended intake of 13 servings.

On top of the juices and smoothies, consuming mostly a plant-based diet will ensure that your diet is rich in nutrient value. Taking in so many nutrients and vitamins will help your colon to maintain good health and also purge the toxins from our environment that surround us.

When I began to incorporate healthier elements into my diet, I felt better in so many ways. I no longer have to deal with constipation or bloating - two symptoms that I was often plagued with when I consumed processed junk foods. If you are consuming a highly processed diet, cleansing is a very important step to good health. Slowly introducing more healthy elements into your diet and eliminating the unhealthy choices will help you to follow a more nutrient rich regime.

You may wish to try a master cleanse to help detoxify your system. But, keep in mind, that detoxing and then resuming your nasty old ways will not provide much of a benefit overall.

It is always a good idea to consult with a qualified professional, such as a naturopathic doctor or nutritionist when embarking on a lifestyle change.

Please note: this article does not prescribe any strategy or treatment and should not be attempted without the supervision of a medical professional. The information provided here does not dispense medical, legal or professional advice and is for educational purposes only. The author makes no claims about the validity of the statements made herein. Sole responsibility for using any information contained in this article falls on the reader.


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